Zebra RS419 Ring Scanners


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Christian Clausen

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Zebra RS419 Ring Scanners

The RS419 ring scanner improves productivity and task accuracy with hands-free scanning. Whether your workers spend their days moving products through your warehouse or retail store, or moving packages through distribution centers and onto trucks for delivery, every time they need to set an item down to check a paper work order or scan a bar code with a handheld device, their productivity decreases. But when you put the small and lightweight RS419 1D ring scanner on the fingers of workers who ar

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Zebra ring scanner RS419, 1D HP Engine, kabel til arm-worn terminal WT4X90 og WT41N0
Varenummer: RS419-HP2000FSR
5.635,50kr. ekskl. moms


Zebra ring scanner RS419

5.635,50kr. ekskl. moms

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