PCSYS becomes part of an international IT company

PCSYS becomes part of an international IT company

Tecsys becomes part of an international IT company
The Danish IT company Tecsys has just been acquired by Tecsys, a Canadian company that provides supply chain solutions primarily to the North American market. For almost 30 years, Tecsys has provided the European market with software and hardware for warehouse management, transport management and labeling solutions. These solutions ensure that more than 1,000 companies have an efficient and robust supply chain.

The purpose of the acquisition is to be able to support an international market better, by being locally present in both the North American and the European markets. Peter Brereton, CEO of Tecsys, elaborates on the choice of Tecsys: “The addition of Tecsys to our supply chain family gives us an addition of competent employees and well-functioning solutions that we can offer our existing North American market, and the acquisition will greatly strengthen our position, especially in the European market.”

Expanded selection on the shelves

Tecsys does not change business area, name or daily management. Tecsys consists of 35 employees who will continue to run the business from Denmark, so the acquisition will mean more opportunities for customers looking for international support and the opportunity to buy into a larger product portfolio. At Tecsys, about 420 employees work with solutions including warehouse management, distribution and transportation management, supply management at the point-of-use, retail order management, as well as complete financial management and analytics solutions.

Ulrik Havsager, Sales Director at Tecsys elaborates: “Being part of a larger international group means that we are expanding our competencies and support opportunities. I see the change as a positive for our customers, who in the future will have more opportunities to find the right solution with us. You can say that the selection on the shelves is expanded.”

Customers are still in focus

Tecsys is a customer-focused company that emphasizes long-term customer relationships and works to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. “It has been important for us that Tecsys has the same culture and values ​​as Tecsys. Both companies have always valued customer satisfaction highly and have many long-term customer relationships. Our overall solutions will be a strong offering for both a Danish and an international market,” explains Klaus Juhl, CEO of Tecsys, “The employee culture also matches ours, and we hope that our employees are positive about the new international opportunities for career and knowledge sharing with colleagues across the Atlantic.”

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