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Every week UBD distributes about 2 million magazines/books to about 7000 retailers. Each dealer is supplied with a number of different magazines. The individual leaves have different sizes and thicknesses. To ensure high quality deliveries and avoid costly misdeliveries, UBD has deployed 5 advanced packing tables.

Improved working environment

The packing tables have built-in 2 pass-through shelves, where bundles of leaves are fed into one end and leaves are picked and packed in the other end. The tables are mounted on a powerful raise/lower system, so the working height can be adapted to the individual employee.


For each order, a series of light displays shows how many of each title the retailer must have delivered. The operator gathers magazines and books into a bundle. The weight of the pre-packed bundles is checked with great accuracy. This ensures that there is no mis-delivery to the individual dealer.

Data gives overview

In addition to the obvious improvements in working environment and reduced errors, the system also collects valuable information that can be used for optimisation and as proof of what has been delivered to each customer.

A picking table with Pick-to-Light and weight control is a flexible solution and an affordable investment. This is compared to a fully automated packing line, which requires high investments and more uniform products.

René Møller Klausen, COO/Director of Operations, DKI Logistics

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