MyTrendyPhone saves around 2000 hours every month

More carriers

International ecommerce site MyTrendyPhone optimised its warehouse processes when it chose WMS7 to manage its warehouse in 2015. MyTrendyPhone wanted a flexible system that could handle the many carriers that bring the goods out in most of the world.

The webshop delivers to most of the world using different carriers

The warehouse system had to be able to handle this, so the parcels were given the right shipping codes.

If Danish customers place an order before 4pm, it will be delivered the next day. It requires a sharp process and a secure system.

Greater throughput

Most of all, it needed to be made more efficient so that the warehouse could handle greater throughput. MyTrendyPhone has 100,000 item numbers, all of which need to be stored and picked as efficiently as possible.

With more than 150,000 order lines every month, optimising picking time can save a lot. Multi-picking has therefore been an important feature to achieve the desired savings.

Sparring and flexibility

Tecsys was also chosen as it was a proprietary system that offered good flexibility in terms of requests and customisations. It was only natural that Tecsys was present during the implementation, and could offer sparring throughout the process.

Good results

“The system has now been in operation for 6 months and we can measure a 32.8% efficiency improvement in our picking time. Previously, the average time on a picking line was 58 seconds, and it is now down to 39 seconds. Our goal is to get the pick time down to 30 seconds after the upcoming process changes” says Silvan Popivic, owner of MyTrendyPhone.