Gift wrapping and efficient handling of returned goods give end customers a good service and the many webshops extra benefits at Prime Cargo.

E-commerce in Denmark has increased by 20% from 2015 to 2016, according to payment channel DIPS, and has reached around 70 billion DKK. Consumers expect to be able to see the stock status, will choose their delivery method and if the product is to be returned, this should also be provided for in the form of a return label. If the webshop cannot offer this, the order goes to another shop.

Return shipments are growing

The good customer experience includes an easy return option. Therefore, there is a demand for logistics that take into account the return shipment of goods.
“Tecsys WMS prints a return slip with a pre-printed code, which we send with the goods. End customers send a completed return slip when they return the goods. At the time of return, we get the whole customer’s order so we can see that things match. The reason code provided by the customer on the return form shows the reason for the return. If the goods are ok, they are stored and scanned in.” says Michael S. Ynill, WMS Manager at Prime Cargo.

Tecsys WMS for 8 years

Prime Cargo understood early on that the winners in the logistics industry will be those with the best and most efficient warehousing system. They chose Tecsys WMS in 2008 and the system has been continuously updated as new requests for efficiency have arisen.

A stable system

On Black Friday 2015, Prime Cargo handled 60,000 shipments in 24 hours. Michael S. Ynill explains the work of dealing with peak loads:
“We are very satisfied with our WMS and never experience any capacity challenges with the system. The limit to how many orders we can handle is purely physical: the number of items we have space for and the number of pickers who can work simultaneously. Therefore, we optimise by using conveyor systems and having a “fast track” to the most popular goods. All this is handled by our WMS with the different picking methods developed.”

René Møller Klausen, COO/Director of Operations, DKI Logistics

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