DKI Logistics: the country's (perhaps) most complex system

Supply chain complexity and time are traditionally two conflicting factors, but DKI Logistics has solved this with the help of Knapp shuttles and Tecsys WMS7.

"We committed to deliver 9,200 pick orders daily with a short time factor. To solve this task, we had invested in a shuttle system from Knapp. The challenge now was to ensure a smooth integration between the customer and us and to get the plant to deliver on the customer's very high requirements."

René Møller Klausen, Operations Director, DKI Logistics.

AV-cables: increased its order capacity by over 40%

By optimising the picking method, the WMS has increased order capacity by at least 40 percent with the same number of employees and in the same warehouse as before. The only difference is a WMS solution that uses smart algorithms to organise workflows and ensure employees can work more efficiently.

"At the same time, management has an extremely good overview in real time of the order flow and production on a Dashboard. How many orders are coming in? How many are picked etc. We can continuously focus the work effort where it is needed. This is very positive." explains Christian Damgaard, "It is also flexible. We can expand as we grow."

Prime Cargo Autostore integration with Tecsys WMS

Prime Cargo in Kolding has commissioned the world's largest Autostore for 3PL, where Tecsys WMS provides data and integration for all customers. The development of e-commerce is a major challenge for companies' storage capacity.

"To be competitive with competitors abroad, we need to be super-efficient. We have invested in an automated warehouse where robots find the goods for shipment. This means we can have three times more goods in the same space, and staff spend a third of the time they used to spend on each shipment."

Morten Høilund, CEO, Prime Cargo.

Illums Bolighus: Inventory management in retail

Illums Bolighus wanted to introduce a Warehouse Management System to improve the customer experience in their webshop, by providing a better overview of the inventory in the stores. At the same time, picking and packing have been optimised so that online trading can be scaled for the high season and future growth in e-commerce.

"In a normal warehouse, the WMS system will be sure the item is available on the shelf, but in a store a customer may have taken the item and be on his way to the checkout. The system must respect this, as physical customers have priority. Therefore, Tecsys has built-in features to help the picker find an alternative location to pick the item from."

Anton Danielsen, E-commerce Manager.

Sika Footwear: Optimized processes give room for growth

Sika Footwear is both a manufacturer and importer of safety shoes and work footwear. Safety shoes and work footwear are used for hard and demanding work where there are high requirements for safe footwear in many different industries, such as hospital, kitchen, warehouse and construction. In spring 2017, they decided to introduce a Warehouse Management System to optimise processes at the central warehouse in Herning and at the factory in Ukraine.

"WMS-7 has increased data quality in the warehouse, so we are now very close to zero errors, both in terms of deliveries to customers, but also the inventory audit, without doing traditional inventory counting for year-end."

Sicco Roorda, Head of Supply Chain.

Eventyrsport: a whole day's warehouse work is now done in two hours

Eventyrsport sells clothing and equipment for active outdoor life, both in physical stores and in their large online shop. In 2016, they decided it was time to introduce a dedicated WMS to optimise the warehouse.

"We implemented WMS just before the Christmas sales and I remember one day we had a lot of orders coming in. Normally it would have taken our warehouse a whole day to process that many orders, but after two hours everything was picked and packed. I knew then that the system would quickly pay for itself."

Lars S. Sørensen, Director at Eventyrsport.

BFT Logistik: A good system should be easy

In 2016, BFT Logistik made the decision to get a dedicated warehouse management system and hired Bjørn Kærhus to be responsible for logistics. Bjørn came from a position as Supply Chain Manager at ID-Design and has solid experience with WMS systems.

"We have had a good sparring throughout the process, and are very happy that we have had the opportunity to get some new features in the ongoing development of the system. During the first 10 months we have released three new features."

Bjørn Kærhus.

Efficient handling of goods at Prime Cargo

Gift wrapping and efficient handling of returned goods provide end customers with good service and the many e-shops with additional logistical benefits from logistics provider Prime Cargo.

The Kolding-based logistics provider has developed and streamlined a logistics concept - Online Stores - in collaboration with a number of e-shops over the past few years, which in principle handles everything from the collection of goods from the manufacturer to the delivery of individual products to the doorstep of end customers.

Tecsys WMS manages Hong Kong warehouse

Kopenhagen Fur bets on the Chinese market. In order to get closer to its customers, Kopenhagen Fur has decided to set up a forward warehouse with a second Warehouse Management System in Hong Kong. World market prices for skins are set in Denmark. In just 4 days in February this year, 4.3 million mink skins were traded and a turnover of no less than 1.8 billion DKK.

"I am very happy with our decision. We are recycling our investment, but the most important thing is that all features are proven. We didn't have to go through a costly rebuild. The warehouse can run from day one."


Warehouse management at Kverneland

Kverneland, which uses SAP, has chosen Tecsys WMS to manage the warehouse. Kverneland emphasised that the system should be simple and easy to understand.

"I think it's a cheaper solution to have a separate, single WMS, instead of an SAP warehouse system".

Nomeco picks several orders at the same time

Daily life has become easier at Nomeco's warehouse in Odense after the new picking trolley rolled in the door. Now all the work of picking orders is done fully electronically. Where previously it was only possible to handle one order at a time with paper picking lists and a pencil was the most effective means of control, warehouse operators now use a solution from Tecsys.

"Nomeco A/S - Denmark's largest pharmaceutical wholesaler - has improved efficiency and quality at its warehouse in Odense. By using picking trucks with integrated truck terminal and a Put-To-Light quality system from Tecsys, it is possible to pick several orders at the same time."

MyTrendyPhone saves around 2000 hours every month

International ecommerce site MyTrendyPhone optimised its warehouse processes when it chose WMS7 to manage its warehouse in 2015. MyTrendyPhone wanted a flexible system that could handle the many carriers that bring the goods out in most of the world.

"The system has now been in operation for 6 months and we can measure a 32.8% efficiency improvement in our picking time. Previously, the average time on a picking line was 58 seconds, and it is now down to 39 seconds. Our goal is to get the picking time down to 30 seconds after the upcoming process changes"