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Tecsys Warehouse Management System 7

A standard solution for individualists

At Tecsys, we have 25 years of experience in advising on inventory management and developing both software and hardware based on our many years in the industry. Therefore, we know that not all needs are the same. And that a small company with quite a few employees does not need the same system as a large 3PL with more than 250 simultaneous users. And yet: We have developed Tecsys WMS, which covers the needs of both small and large. An inventory management system consisting of a standard program and exactly the modules that are relevant as an option. Neither more nor less. Tecsys WMS is always tailored to the specific needs of the individual company.

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Tecsys Warehouse Management System 7

Tecsys WMS7 is fully automated inventory management that increases inventory productivity and reduces the number of picking errors.

With WMS from Tecsys, you get the whole thing:

  • Optimized picking with multipick algorithm
  • Secure identification of goods
  • FIFO and batch control.

This means that the goods are handled correctly, that the processing time on the individual order becomes shorter and – not insignificantly – that the customer experience becomes (even) better.

A standard program with specialized functions

Tecsys WMS includes a number of functions for use in the warehouse, which help you manage the warehouse and optimize the many workflows when receiving and sending goods. For example, you get a dashboard with a KPI overview, so you always know the most important key figures; You can continuously see the status of the individual purchase orders and associated item lines; and with the unique multi-picking algorithm you can save valuable time, because the system can both merge orders and calculate the most optimal composition of orders for each picking round. And the above is actually just a small pick of the many features that come with it.

Download PDFs with a descriptions of WMS7 features:

Stock tracking features

We have gathered the most important stock functions here, which are used to keep track of the stock and to give you an overview.

Functions for inbound

Get an overview of the functions that are part of inbound inventory management, that ensures an error-free receipt of goods to the warehouse.

Functions for outbound

Get an overview of the functions used when your goods have to leave the warehouse: Pack, VAS, transport label and delivery notes.

Easy access with browser and wi-fi

Tecsys WMS is based on HTML5, and you can therefore access the system from any platform that have a browser. For example the PC in the office, a handheld terminal or a smartphone.

You do not need to install special plugins, because HTML is standard on most browsers (Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari), and it is your choice whether you want to use rugged handheld terminals with a good scanengine or a smartphone in your warehouse. A wi-fi connection and a platform with a browser are actually all the WMS needs.

ERP integration and communication across systems

Tecsys WMS takes care of all small relocations in the warehouse and only reports back to the ERP system when and if a relocation has an economic consequence. All data exchange between WMS7 and your ERP system takes place automatically and with high data security, which also includes monitoring of the file interface.

One standard program. Three standard setups. Lots of options

Tecsys WMS is a standard program with three standard settings for webshops, wholesalers and 3PL, respectively, depending on the type and size of the stock or stocks to be managed.

WMS for webshops

We make sure that returned goods return quickly to the virtual shelves, efficiently handle the many small orders and ensure correct storage of goods.

WMS to 3PL

One WMS that contains a separate WMS for each of your many warehouse customers. This makes the inventory overview easy for you and your customers.

WMS for wholesalers

A wholesale warehouse may need specific labels or other requirements from individual retailers. This is as a standard option integrated into WMS7.

WMS7 is developed by Tecsys, and we can therefore meet virtually all requests for customization. Every single solution is put together in collaboration with the customer – on the basis of a thorough analysis and a number of design criteria. You therefore get a system that contains exactly the functions you need. If you want to add new functionality later, this is just a simple expansion project.

Optional modules that increase both productivity and job satisfaction

Pick-by-light and Put-to-light

We provide an overview of when Pick to light and Put to light can provide efficiency.


Pick by voice can optimize your storage efficiency, and can be also be used in combination with a screen for visual guidance.

Warehouse Automation

We have extensive experience with automation systems from Autostore, Knapp, Effimat, Kardex and more.

That said, Tecsys WMS7 is a standard program with individual customization options. The system have full warehouse functionality out of the box, and it can be continuously expanded and shaped so that it constantly harmonizes with the company’s size and needs. If you are in doubt about what and how much you need, we offer to do a free analysis of whether it is worth investing in productivity-enhancing optional modules in your warehouse. We visit your warehouse, get a tour, do the analysis based on your current warehouse setup and give you a well-founded basis for making a decision. How many picks? How many employees pick? How many picking errors? We take it all into account.

How to order WMS

We have a fixed process that we work from when you order a WMS. Our project manager makes sure to follow the project right to the door.


Specification of requirements

Software development




Customer references

Prime Cargo uses Tecsys WMS to manage its warehouse both in Denmark and in Poland. In 2019, they expanded the warehouse with an Autostore, where Tecsys WMS delivers data and integrates to all Prime Cargo’s customers.

Complexity in the logistics chain and time are traditionally two factors that work against each other, but DKI Logistics has solved this with the help of shuttle systems from Knapp and Tecsys WMS7.

Illums Bolighus wanted to introduce a WMS to improve the customer experience in their webshop, by providing a better overview of the stocks in the physical stores.

By letting WMS7 optimize the picking method, the order capacity has been increased by at least 40 percent with the same number of employees and in the same warehouse building as before.