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You get control of your storage, pick and pack with WMS7. WMS7 manages the warehouse for some of the largest webshops in Denmark.

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WMS7 is built to handle e-commerce

WMS7 helps you implement efficient logistics processes to meet the ever-increasing demands of consumers. Tecsys WMS7 can be configured to meet your specific needs and integrated with your other systems.

In e-commerce, logistics is one of the most important components for achieving high customer satisfaction. If you are looking for positive reviews from Trustpilot, they are full of comments about correct and fast delivery. This is exactly what you ensure with a good WMS.

Your Brand, SoMe, TrustPilot, PriceRunner all help to get customers in your shop. The logistics make your customers buy again.

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WMS7 is a Standard online system

Do you have more than 3 pickers and ambitions for growth? Then it probably pays to invest in a WMS right now. Since WMS7 is an agile system, it can grow fine with you. WMS7 ensures that some of Denmark’s largest webshops run on rails.

If you use WMS7 as ‘software as a service’ in standard configuration, you can be up and running within a month.

Tecsys WMS7 is modular and flexible, with an intuitive user interface that is easy to go to.

Among other things, you will achieve the following:

• Controlled storage – no items are placed at random
• Release continuous order lines for picking – with several smart picking routines
• Efficient package with the option of value added services and automatic printing of the transport label
• Many integration options
• Stop for orders without coverage in the customer’s account – checked automatically before packing
• Automatically generated reports


WMS7 is a Software as a Service system. This means that you get:

  • A fixed price per. month
  • Private or Multi-tenant Cloud
  • HTML5 – accessed directly in a browser
  • Support agreement and updates included

Tecsys offers the complete solution including delivery, installation and support of the necessary logistics hardware.

User friendly

It takes 10 minutes to get a new picker up and running in your warehouse. The screenshots are intuitive and user-friendly, so temps quickly learn to use the system. You increase productivity and easily absorb peak loads. Many of our customers plan to get extra hands in for Black Friday or other seasonal fluctuations, and it is important that the system is as user-friendly as possible so that the new employees can quickly help.


With a WMS7 from Tecsys, you not only get a piece of software. You get competent consultants who guide you to the optimal storage solution. All shelves and placements need to be marked with barcodes, and the locations of the items may need to be rethought so that the pickers can get around the warehouse quickly. Once you have received your WMS, you have therefore simultaneously optimized all processes in the warehouse:

  • Goods receipt
  • Controlled storage
  • Picking methods
  • Pack
  • Shipping
  • Returned goods
  • Customer care


We have integrated WMS7 with all the common webshops and ERP systems on the market. We are partners with Webshipper and easily integrate our WMS with their system.

WMS7 has standard interface in xml, xls or csv format. API can be used, which is a RESTfull web service in JSON format.

Transport label gateway controls that transport labels, with full tracking, are automatically printed on the printer at your packing station. Transport label gateway is easily integrated with Consignor, Webshipper, Coolrunner etc.

The money is withdrawn at the right time

It can be difficult to get the systems to play optimally together, so you secure yourself against sending goods that are not covered by the customer’s account – while you are not allowed to withdraw the amount before the order is shipped.

It is intended in WMS7, so that in the packaging process it is checked for coverage, and the order can not be sent away if there is no coverage. The moment the order is packed and shipped away, the amount is withdrawn.

Customer references

AV cables

Increases order capacity by over 40 percent.

“The webshop had grown into a place where something was going to happen, but I had not dreamed that we could increase our capacity so easily, so quickly and so cheaply”

Christian Damgaard
Owner and CEO

Illums Bolighus

Get items sent from the webshop or select ‘Click-and-Collect’ – for collection in the store.

“It has been easy and intuitive to go to, and during September alone we installed 9 stores. We have managed the task ourselves with minimal need for support from Tecsys ”

Kristian Friis-Hansen
It boss
Illums Bolighus

Adventure sports

A full day of warehouse work is now done in two hours.

“Normally it would have taken our warehouse a whole day to process so many orders, but after two hours it was all picked and packed. There I knew the system would pay off quickly. ”

Lars S. Sørensen
Adventure sports

My Trendy Phone

Saves over 900 man-hours per month, after the introduction of WMS7.

“Now the system has been in operation for 6 months and we can measure the efficiency of our picking time of 32.8%, measured per picking line. We save 972 man-hours per month. “

Silvan Popovic
My Trendy Phone

Can WMS7 optimize your logistics?

Contact Peter Siggaard-Andersen and have a chat about your warehouse: peter.siggaard@tecsys.com or tel: 88 33 57 35

A WMS must be a good investment, otherwise we are wasting your time. Therefore, we ask how you work in your warehouse and what your order flow looks like. We would also like to hear about your growth ambitions. If we assess that WMS7 can optimize your logistics, we will come by and visit you at the warehouse. For this meeting, we can have a deeper talk about the possibilities with WMS7, and where we think the biggest gains can be reaped.

If you want to see how WMS7 works, an online demonstration is a quick opportunity to see the system in use, and ask questions to your specific wishes:

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Hardware for mobile solutions

Whether your software is from Tecsys or another vendor, we can provide hardware and service. With us you will find mobile handheld terminals and mobile label printers – everything you need for your mobile solution.