Optimise your work-flow using Multi-pick, Pick by Voice or Put to Light. We can advise you about the possibilities.

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Efficient inventory management

Tecsys provides consulting, software and hardware for inventory management. We have 25 years of experience and would like to share our knowledge with you.

To keep track of items in your inventory, it is necessary to have a good warehouse management system (WMS). Tecsys WMS7 can be adapted to your specific needs, and is easily integrated with your ERP system.

If you already have a WMS, but seeks advice to get all data linked up, or perhaps considering whether Voicepicking or pick-by-light might be an idea for you, feel free to contact us for an informal chat about the possibilities.

Get expert advice

Peter Siggaard Andersen is an expert in software for warehousing.

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Se hvordan Tecsys WMS7 fungerer

Tecsys WMS7

Tecsys WMS7 is our warehouse management system. The system provides fully automated inventory management that optimise all work processes in the warehouse. This gives you:

– Better inventory productivity
– Faster picking with multi pick-algorithm
– Shorter turnaround on orders
– Secure identification of goods
– FIFO and batch management
– Fewer picking errors
– Reduced stock quantities
– Correct handling of goods
– Improved customer satisfaction

Pick by voice

Tecsys offers a Pick by Voice-solution where the employees are picking without the use of lists and traditional data capture methods. With guided instructions in the headset, they have both hands free for picking goods, and warehouse employees can operate more efficiently and experience improved workflow.

Pick to light

Tecsys offers two types of light picking methods:

Pick-to-Light is a paperless picking technique that provides increased productivity and accuracy in your warehouse and distribution center. Pick-to-Light is recognised as the fastest operator-based picking method, when you are picking smaller units within zone picking.

Put-to-Light is reminiscent of Pick-to-Light, but here you are picking several orders, at the same time, using the picking cart with lights. Put-to-Light enhances productivity and accuracy in your warehouse and distribution center.

Hardware for warehousing

Whether your software is from Tecsys or another supplier, we can supply hardware and service for your company. We are distributing barcode scanners, hand-held computers, label printers, vehicle-mount computers – everything you need to manage your inventory.

Client cases


Kopenhagen Fur

Tecsys WMS is managing the warehouse in Hongkong


Nomeco chose a Put-to-Light solution


UBD chose a Pick-to-Light solution



Tecsys WMS is managing the warehouse of Kverneland