Visti Christensen was founded in the late 50’s, at that time their driving was done with tractor and wagon. Since 1965 they have been running trucks and today the company has 100 employees who provide transport, distribution, storage, picking and packing. It mainly transports bulk goods such as insulation to construction sites.

Customer service has always been a focus at Visti Christensen, and this has created long-standing relationships with loyal customers.

The good customer service was also the reason why Visti Christensen contacted Tecsys to learn more about an IT system that could benefit customers

Tecsys TMS allows Visti Christensen’s customers to log in and see the current status of their runs. This provides a very good customer service, as the end customer can get answers to questions about their delivery immediately.

In the customer module, you can see your own deliveries broken down into order lines, delivery date/expected delivery date, SMS messages sent, photo documentation of the delivery and the signature of the customer.

SMS notification of delivery time directly to end customer sent the day before delivery with expected delivery time

This time is continuously updated and a new delivery SMS is sent 30 minutes before delivery. For the end customer, this small service means they can plan their day and make sure there’s staff on hand to receive the goods. Visti Christensen also ensures that the end customer is ready to receive the goods, so drop times are shortened.

Automatic time recording with integration to ERP system saves working time and minimizes misrecordings

Previously, each driver filled in a timesheet, with starts, stops and breaks. It took time to fill in and subsequently record the times in the ERP system. Today, the mobile terminals in the trucks can communicate directly with the ERP system so that working time is automatically recorded. At the same time, an e-mail with the day’s records is sent to the drivers so that they also have documentation for their pay calculation.

Technological leadership provides a competitive advantage

Ole Christensen, haulage contractor at Visti Christensen, explains, “When we choose to invest in new IT, it is because the world is moving to a point where you can no longer afford to deliver during the day without informing when the delivery is coming. The end customer expects to get a fast delivery and to be kept updated with the exact delivery time. Our customers want to be able to provide that service to their customers, and if they can’t, they’ll take their business to another carrier.”

Visti Christensen has optimised their route planning, both in terms of planning time and in kilometres driven. They have saved time in working time registration. But most importantly, they have elevated their customer service with a very customer-focused system that allows them to provide the service they want.

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