Tecsys Transport Management System
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At Tecsys, we've been providing transport management and logistics consultancy, software and hardware for 25 years, so we can help you find the right solution for your business. The right system for the tradesman is not necessarily the right system for the contractor. Or to the parcel carrier. If there's one thing we've learned, it's that needs are different. And that they also change continuously in each company.

That's why the Tecsys TMS system is modular. This provides great flexibility and ensures that the investment will last in the future. The system can be scaled up or down to meet the specific needs of each company. Yours too.

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An all-in-one solution for freight transport, parcel delivery and tracking

With Tecsys TMS you get an overview. Our Transport Management System ensures that you always know where your wagons are and that you can document everything - from timely and correct delivery to the loan of packaging.

As a starting point, the Tecsys Transport Management System consists of an administration part for the office and an app for a hand terminal in each vehicle. The administration part and the app talk to each other and ensure that the driver and the office can communicate at all times in case of changes in the trip list or sudden obstacles. The app on the hand terminal also helps the driver in his daily work (trip lists, barcode scans, navigation, etc.) and gives an overview of the goods loaded on the truck and the customers to whom the goods are to be delivered.

Tecsys Transport Management System is particularly relevant for:

It increases customer satisfaction if you can always tell your customers how far an item is and when they can expect it to arrive. You also have the option to change the route en route, and you can notify a customer by phone or email if a delivery is delayed.

The system is very versatile – and it helps you to optimise and future-proof your business because it facilitates administration, increases customer satisfaction, reduces the number of kilometres driven and provides better overview for both office staff and drivers.

Of course, you’ll get a solution composed of exactly the modules that are relevant to you. And if your needs change, the system can change with you.

In addition, Tecsys TMS can be configured and integrated with your other systems, such as div. software platforms and financial management so that the integration between each vehicle and the company works perfectly.

Overview of modules for Tecsys Transport Management System

Office management modules

  • Standard interface to ERP
  • Automatic route optimisation
  • Real-time overview of orders, routes, vehicles and deliveries
  • Automatic logging of positions, e.g. every 15 seconds
  • Alert management (late arrival, waiting time)
  • Sending driver messages and receiving standard text messages from the driver device
  • Status of returnable packaging
  • Real-time overview of car temperatures
  • Reports: daily report, driving account and other automated reports are easily set up and automatically sent by e-mail
  • Customer service: let customers know if they ask about the status of their delivery
  • SMS module: send automatic text messages to customers about arrival times and possible delays
  • Automatic reports: use the automatic reports to give the customer a professional overview of delivery times, temperature control, etc.

Modules for the driver's app on the hand terminal

  • Stop list with customer information, contact data, remarks, history and delivery overview
  • Navigation with map view. Next stop is displayed automatically as the navigation system is integrated with the stop list
  • Package delivery per location and cargo details (e.g. dangerous goods)
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Packaging accounting
  • Electronic signature from the customer
  • Picture documentation
  • Deviation statistics
  • Printing of delivery note and invoice

Fleet management

Map display, reports, GPS and other driving data

Tecsys Fleet Management with GPS tracking gives you easy access to LIVE monitoring and overview of the entire fleet of vehicles via smartphones/handheld terminals in each vehicle. You can follow the routes, locations and who’s driving where on the overview map – and it’s easy to contact each driver.

  • Easy and user-friendly system that works on both computer and tablet.
  • The system tracks vehicles in real time with online GPS tracking.
  • The system is always 100% up to date because each vehicle's smartphone/handheld terminal continuously transmits position data. Works worldwide.

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Automatic route optimisation

Automatic route optimisation and optimal loading of parcels

With Tecsys Route Optimisation, you can make the day’s deliveries with the fewest possible wagons and kilometres travelled. The system automatically plans the distribution of the day’s deliveries on as few trolleys as possible – and also takes into account the packing of parcels: all deliveries are packed in the right order (last in first) and with the least possible waste of space.

  • The system takes into account the driver's working hours, delivery deadlines, employee skill requirements and special equipment.
  • The system creates a detailed plan for each vehicle with the day's stops in optimal order.
  • The system quickly plans the day's routes using fewer resources. It also provides an environmental saving due to the lower fuel consumption/reduced CO2 emissions.

Software support

We always offer a support package when you buy Tecsys TMS. With it, you can ensure that your employees get answers to their questions quickly and that the system is always used correctly.

Our customers often choose to have Mobile Device management installed, so that our supporters have remote access to the software on the handheld terminals/smartphones in each wagon. This makes it easy to update the equipment without having to send anything in to us.

How to order TMS

We have a set process we work from when you order a TMS. Our project manager will see the project through to completion.


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