UNO FORM keeps track of every single kitchen element

UNO FORM has optimized their production with RFID. Each element is tracked and time stamps are recorded during the production process.

Tecsys has developed the RFID solution and uses the Tecsys Label Print Server to print labels when visible identification is required.

New RFID technology at Danfoss Power Electronics

The Tecsys RFID server controls all RFID read points. When a box activates a photocell, the associated antennas are started. As the radio waves are invisible, a lamp is lit briefly to show that the box has been read. If not read, an error lamp lights up.

We chose Tecsys because they were focused on the solution. This means an understanding of the physical processes and an understanding of how to exploit the new technologies. At the same time, it was demonstrated that it is possible to integrate with other operating systems and obtain a complete solution.
Jannik Hollænder Jensen, Logistics Engineer, Danfoss Power Electronics.

Label harmonisation with Label Print Server

Incorrect labelling in production costs outrageous sums. When a production line has to be converted to a new product or a customer-specific label, it can take days to correct the information in all the decentralised printers.

"Over the last 10 years, Tecsys Label Print Server has been deployed in almost all Danfoss factories across continents. The system thus helps to ensure the quality of our products."

Carsten Davidsen
Global Manufacturing Solution Manager