Labelling solutions for logistics and goods tracking

We offer Label Print Server for enterprise solutions.

Tecsys label solutions

Tecsys provides labelling solutions for logistics and goods tracking. We offer several types of solutions:

  • Simple solutions with standard software from Codesoft or BarTender that prints labels from your PC.
  • For companies that need to manage many different labels on multiple printers and meet customer and regulatory requirements, a Tecsys Label Print Server is the right solution.

We also solve tasks with RFID. Typically the projects are about automation and efficiency of product handling, but we also solve atypical projects with RFID. We’d love to hear your ideas and advise you on the possibilities.

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Simple PC solution

With the Codesoft or BarTender software packages, you can easily design and print your own labels directly to all common label printers on the market.

EAN, GS1-128 and SSCC barcodes are easily handled with the built-in counter function, which automatically counts one forward for each label you print. The check digit in the SSCC is also automatically calculated before printing.

Our consultants can help with the installation and set-up of labels.

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Solutions with RFID

RFID technology opens up applications that are not possible with barcode solutions, which require the barcode to be visible. RFID chips can be read even if physically hidden, allowing for unique tracking and data storage.

Tecsys RFID Server ensures that all communication with RFID equipment and data is integrated easily and flexibly with other systems.

Tecsys Label Print Server

For the more complex labelling task with multiple labels, multiple item numbers, multiple printers, automatic application or multiple production lines, more central control is needed.

Tecsys Label Print Server solves this task and integrates easily and flexibly with other systems: ERP, shop floor, PLC, barcode scanners, scales, etc.

Product master data from the ERP system determines how products should be labelled, based on label layout, customer data, etc. The Label Print Server links this with dynamic data from the production plant.

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How to get a label solution from Tecsys

We have a fixed process we work from when you order a solution for branding. Our project manager will see the project through to completion.


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