You get an honest and transparent process, with the same project manager throughout the project.

Our method

We provide our customers with a fixed price contract and a plan with specified delivery dates. In this contract, all milestones and project meetings are defined, ensuring that the budget and the planning is reliable.

When we start up a large project, we first carry out a preliminary analysis, where we work along with your IT department and other stakeholders. We review the IT systems that the new solution will be integrated with, and go through other preconditions for the solution. After this preliminary analysis, we draw up a system description and a specification of requirements, that forms the basis for the project, which allows us to provide a precise project plan.

To enable you to follow the work and always have an overview, you will receive electronic service notes, and we will have status meeting where we test elements, and otherwise assure that you as a client know exactly how far along the project is

Based on the required specifications, we conduct an office test here at Tecsys. This office test is to be approved by you before we undertake installation, implementation and adjustment in your environment. After an approved implementation, you can choose to purchase a support contract, so we provide service & support on software and hardware. To ensure the optimal implementation of the new system / hardware, we also offer instructions and courses to the users.


Demand on specifications




Support and service