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Software Development

Tecsys has been providing software solutions to the Danish business community since 1990. Our solutions department consists of project managers and software engineers specialized in providing solutions in data capture, data management, handheld terminal solutions and advanced printing solutions. We develop the solutions in C#.Net and Microsoft SQL, the user interface is accessed via a browser and is thus independent of operating systems.

We offer a reliable process and a competitive price, as we base our software development on standard programs developed in-house. Over the past 25 years, we've developed a toolkit of applications that make it easy to develop custom software that solves your needs.

If you are interested in a software solution, please contact Peter Siggaard-Andersen on 88 33 57 35 to discuss the possibilities.

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Standard programmes

Tecsys has developed a toolbox of small standalone applications that all fit into the same framework. This means we can develop new software while reusing proven features from the toolbox of standard applications.

The main standard applications are CleverDataManager (CDM) and ReportByEmail (RBE). CDM handles data input and output in xml, csv, access or excel and is an essential tool for integrating our solutions with your other IT applications. RBE makes sure to deliver the data in the desired form to the desired platform. It could be an excel report of yesterday's results in an email, but it could just as easily be html with today's planned activities displayed on an information screen.

Process and team

We work with a permanent team that will be dedicated to your project. They take care of the requirements specification, software architecture and project plan. The project manager keeps you updated with status emails and regular meetings, so you always know how the project is progressing.

For larger projects, we offer to prepare a test project to ensure that no unexpected complications arise along the way. We are testing data handling from external IT systems and third-party software, which we will not be able to influence in the project.

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How to get a software solution from Tecsys

We have a fixed process we work from when you order a software. Our project manager will see the project through to completion.


Requirements specification

Software Development



Software support

We always offer a support package when you buy software from us. This ensures that your employees get answers to questions quickly and that the system is used correctly. We prioritise our support and make sure your software is up to date and functional as quickly as possible.

Often, our customers choose to have Mobile Device Management installed, so our support staff can remotely access the software on the terminals and update the code without having to send in the equipment.