Transport Management System

Tecsys TMS provides a full overview of the vehicle fleet, enabling you to optimize your distribution.


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Tecsys TMS
Transport Management System

Tecsys TMS is our Transport Management System. You have a constant overview of your vehicles, and you can document your timely and accurate delivery and keep track of lent returnable items.

The system is modular, so you get a transport system with the exact features that are relevant for your business. You also have the opportunity to get customized interface and features that match your needs. Tecsys TMS has been built from the requirements we meet every day from our customers in the transportation industry. The system is continually being developed as requests for new features occur.

We also provide mobile scanners, mobile computers and printers, which enables you to get a complete solution for your transportation needs. If you need a service agreement for hardware and software, we can provide this for you as well.

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Why Tecsys TMS?

Our many satisfied customers recommend Tecsys TMS because it matches their exact needs. This is possible because the system consists of modules, and we even have the ability to customize it additionally to match your business needs. Your Tecsys TMS will consist of only the features you find relevant, allowing a clean and user-friendly interface.

We make sure of integrating the transport solution with your company’s existing software platforms and financial management systems. There will therefore be an invisible integration between what happens on a given vehicle and the financial management of the company.

The solution is used in the office for planning and overviewing, as well as a tool for the drivers who gets route lists, navigation system, enables barcode tracking of packages and receipts from deliveries.



Tecsys TMS consists of an administrative part for use in the office, as well as an app for the vehicles mobile computers, which helps the driver in his daily work with the routes, navigation, barcode scanning etc. It also has the ability to automatically send reports and text messages both internally in your company, as well as to your customers.

The mobile computer in the vehicle ensures that the driver has an overview of the goods he needs to deliver, as well as the recipients of the goods.

The administration part and the app are connected, and ensures that the driver and the administration can communicate in case of changes in the routes or other obstacles. The administration has constant overview of all vehicles and can see the time and place of delivery, without disturbing the driver.

With Tecsys TMS you can trace your vehicles. You can always notify the customers regarding how far a package is, the expected arrival time, and you can even change the route along the way, if you find out the customer is not at the delivery destination at the expected time. If a delivery is delayed, the system sends out a warning, so that the customer can immediately be notified either by phone, e-mail or text message.

Administration Module:

  • Standard interface to ERP
  • Automatic route planning
  • Real time overview of orders, routes, vehicles and deliveries. Automatic logging of positions, eg. every 15 seconds
  • Warning system (delayed arrival, waiting time)
  • Send messages to the drivers and receive standard text messages from the driver unit
  • Status on lent returnable items
  • Real time overview of car temperatures
  • Reports: Daily report, mileage and other automated reports are set up easily and automatically sent per email
  • Customer service: Give the customer an exact answer to how far their delivery is
  • SMS module: Broadcasts automatic text messages to customers about arrival times and possible delays
  • Automatic reports: Use the automatic reports to give the customer a professional monthly overview of delivery times, temperature control, etc.

Driver Module:

  • Stop list with customer information, contact details, notes, history and delivery overview
  • Navigation with map display. Next stop is automatically displayed when the navigation system is integrated with the stop list
  • Package delivery per location and cargo details (e.g. dangerous goods)
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Packaging accounting
  • Electronic signature from the customer
  • Photo documentation
  • Deviation statistics
  • Print of delivery note and invoice

Fleet Management

The overview map gives you an easy overview of your vehicles, which allows you to quickly provide the customer with information as to how far the vehicle is and the estimated arrival time.

With the Tecsys Mobile Map it is possible to track the vehicles current and past locations displayed in real time. The map view can be configured to show different information, colors and icons. It is easy to customize the solution for your business needs.


Overview by using GPS

Each vehicle is equipped with a GPS that sends information about each vehicles position on the route, as well as data on the delivery time. In addition, via the mobile computer it is possible to send additional data such as image documentation, trunk room temperatures and lent returnable items.

The transport manager can analyze the day’s routes by an automated report, containing the fleet data, and see if there is anything that can be optimized. Data regarding compliance with time windows, delivered and received goods, photographs of damaged deliveries, departures, speed, number of driving hours and much more can be reported.


Automatic route planning

Routing is automatic optimization of the day’s stops. The objective is to carry out deliveries in the fewest vehicles and in the least mileage possibly. The system will quickly pay itself back by saving time on manual planning and by distributing goods as optimal as possible.

Tecsys TMS Route Planning develops a plan for distributing deliveries in the fewest possible vehicles. It also takes in to account the packing of goods, so that they are packed in the correct order, making sure the last delivery is placed in the back of the cargo space.

Route Planning takes into account the drivers working hours, delivery deadlines and demands for special staff skills and equipment. Customer requirements for specific drivers or vehicles can also be handled as part of the planning.

Best route

The output of the planning is a detailed plan for each vehicle. The plan includes the stops in an optimal order, expected arrival and departure for each stop, and it will give a summary of mileage and driving time.
The plan can be viewed on the employee’s mobile computer and combined with the other features of Tecsys TMS, for example navigation to the next stop on the delivery list.

Benefits of transport planning

Your company can expect a better utilization of vehicles, shorter running time or even a reduction in the number of vehicles. Faster planning of the routes while using fewer resources which will provide environmental savings in terms of reduced fuel consumption / CO2 emissions.

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Customer references



SuperGros uses Tecsys TMS for transport management of the more than 100 trucks

“We were sold on their flexibility and the 24-hour support, but also because they were already our exclusive supplier of data acquisition devices for all of our warehouses in Denmark”

Jesper Kristensen
Project Manager

OK Benzin

OK Benzin uses Tecsys TMS for the supply of fuel for businesses and individuals.

“Tecsys’ expertise in the field of mobile solutions as well as logistics and quality management is the perfect platform for further development of OK’s mobile solution.”

Ken Sørensen
OK Benzin

Dansk Retursystem

Tecsys TMS keeps track of several million pieces of items.

” The desire for better customer service and efficiency was the reason why Danish Retursystem were looking for a solution. The registration and receipt of the units was done by pencil and paper – a slow process that did not provide the necessary overview.”

How to order Tecsys Mobile

We work based on a solid process which begins when you order a transport management system. Our project manager makes sure to follow the project all the way.


Demand on specifications

Software development



Support and service


We always offer a support package when you buy TMS. That way you ensure that your employees quickly get answers to their questions and that the system is used correctly. We prioritize the support, and make sure that your software is up to date and functional ASAP.
Often our customers choose to install the Mobile Device Management, so that our supporters have remote access to the software on the computers, and can update the software without having to get the equipment sent in.



Med Mobile Device Management kan du fra kontoret få adgang til at overtage styringen af terminalen, så du kan hjælpe medarbejdere med et problem, mens de er på farten.


Vi har et stort udvalg af mobile terminaler fra Honeywell (Intermec), Zebra (Symbol/Motorola) og Psion. Ring gerne for rådgivning!

Mobile printere

Vi har et stort udvalg af mobile printere fra Honeywell (Intermec) og Zebra. Ring gerne for at få rådgivning!