Automatic reports

ReportByEmail is effective for generating and sending automatized reports.

Automatic reporting with ReportByEmail from Tecsys

ReportByEmail by Tecsys enables you to complete your administrative tasks more effectively and saves time and money by using event-related reports.

With ReportByEmail you can easily define when a report should run and where it should be sent to. All you need is to define the data to be downloaded, set a standard frequency and define where the report should be sent to. The reports will be automatically generated and sent with the updated data.

The reporting can also be generated automatically. For example, when a parameter has reached a certain level, the report will be generated based on the due date, an account balance, input of new post or an entirely different parameter.

You can automate the distribution of your report per e-mail to one or more recipients from a database, as an attached report or in an HTML format.

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How does ReportByEmail work?

If you have understanding for databases or you have experience in retrieving data from a database to Excel, then you will easily be able to automate all your reports.

Your database

Your excel sheet

ReportByEmail server

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Features in ReportByEmail

Below you can read how simple it is to work with RBE.

Set up your first report

The first thing you do, is choose how the finished report should look like. Build the report in Microsoft Excel, which you already know. Or you can take an existing report and edit it.

ReportByEmail uses standard features in Excel to connect and pick up data from your database.

Then in ReportByEmail you choose how often you want to receive your report with updated data. You can control the frequency on hours, days, weeks or months or you can set it to run based on events, for example if a credit note is generated or if new data enters from the bank.

The last step is to choose how you want to receive your report.

Choose a format: As an e-mail with data directly in the mail as text, or with an attached file in html, excel or pdf.

Select Recipient: You can select one or more email addresses as receivers, or you can choose to upload the report on a file server, so it can be displayed on a big screen or on your intranet.

Individual report to several recipients

You can create a fixed list of recipients and parameters. If you need to send a sales report to all of your salespeople, you can do this with a single Excel file, that submits an individual report for each seller with their own data.

You can also set up individual reports to users via posts in a database. This way you can automate e-mails with individual content, for example a registration to PBS for a union, bank statements to debitors with a debt/unpaid invoices or a list with consumption of telephones or petrol cards to employees.

Reports for data review

You do not need to send your generated reports to an e-mail. They can also be stored on a file server in the desired output format. For example, you can create an Excel report with a list of employees, it can run every morning at 8 o’clock and save the updated file on the intranet. If an employee wants an updated phone list on his desk, he can just open this document from the intranet and print it.


You can also build dashboards that can be used on central screens, e.g. to show the current order for picking in a warehouse or other dynamic material with automatic update of the viewing.

Automatic print

You can also automatically set the reports to send directly to a printer’s print queue. If you every morning have to put the daily tasks on a bulletin board, they can be ready for you in the printer when you start the day.

Avoid empty reports

In order not to send blank emails to a recipient there is a built-in functionality to control whether e-mails are sent or not. You can for instance choose that if there is no data, the e-mail is not sent, or you may in an Excel Report determine that if a certain field has the value 0, then the report should not be sent. Recipients of the e-mails should not be disturbed by unnecessary reports.


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Customer Reference: ABENA

“Broadly speaking, measured only on productivity, we have created Euro 25,000 more per month. On the purchasing side we declined the risk of double purchases and repeated workflows. ReportByEmail has meant that the maintenance departments work has become visible. Besides, I had a great personal assurance that important tasks were being executed. It has given me more time, and it is worth a lot of money on a hectic working day. ” Said Michael Petersen, Purchasing leader in Abena Produktion A/S.



Software support

We always offer a support package when you buy ReportByEmail. That way you ensure that your employees quickly get answers to their questions and that the system is used correctly. We prioritize the support, and make sure that your software is up to date and functional ASAP.





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