OMS: Order Management System

Flexibility, connectivity, and scalability are key to Tecsys OMS.

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Tecsys OMS enhances the speed of operational capabilities

Tecsys OMS lets you capture payments, invoice, run tax calculations, split shipments, provide customer notifications, and much more­—removing the complexity of managing special order types, so you can get your omnichannel operation started off on the right foot. If scalability is a concern, we can help make your growth dreams a reality. Our scalable, flexible multi-tenant OMS is one of the highest capacity systems on the market. It’s why some of the world’s largest retailers trust Tecsys OMS with their order fulfillment.

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Retail is a hyper-competitive industry. If you are not continually evolving, changing, and adapting to shoppers’ wants and needs, then your business may be at risk. With OrderDynamics®’ cloud-based solution, you will always have the latest system that offers:

  • Real-time inventory visibility that drives sales
  • Pre-orders that give customers more choices
  • Order routing that reduces delivery times
  • Order consolidation that improves customer satisfaction
  • In-store pick/pack/ship – for ship-from-store capabilities
  • Shipping rate brokering to reduce last-mile costs
  • Receipt-free returns that inspire more purchases
  • On-the-fly business rule changes

Do I need an OMS?

An OMS provides many features in order to distribute how an order is fulfilled across the supply chain. It is able to work with an order across multiple channels, invoices and shipments. Most retailers will benefit from features like:

– Complex order routing
– Configurable order orchestration workflows
– Provide real-time inventory visibility
– Provide Available to Promise (ATP) quotes and lookups.
– Enable returns in-store and at distribution centers.
– Seamlessly interconnect multiple channels (sales channels).
– Integrate with full supply chains (warehouse management systems, drop shipping, 3PLs, etc.).

Omnichannel fulfillment channels for retailers


Ship-from-store reduces costs and delivery times by transforming your stores into localized distribution centers. Intelligent routing monitors each store’s capacity and inventory levels and sets up stores’ business rules to meet each retailers’ needs.

Tecsys’ Ship-from-Store fulfillment also provides associate fulfillment workflows, invoice shipping and label printing, and remedial routing actions.

Benefits of ship-from-store fulfillment:
– Expedites delivery times
– Cuts shipping costs
– Reduces markdowns & clearances
– Eliminates out of stock scenarios


Ship-to-store is a BOPIS (buy online pickup in-store) solution that pleases shoppers and engages store resources. Whether sourced from the distribution center, 3PL, or another shop’s inventory, a DOM routes orders from the optimal sources to the pickup location.

Tecsys’ DOM gives retailers communication flexibility. They can let customers know when their products are ready for pickup, on email, text message, social DM or voice. Ship-to-store ensures every store has every item that shoppers want.

Benefits of ship-to-store fulfillment:
– Uses retailers’ internal delivery network
– Reduces stagnant warehouse inventory
– Flexible order fulfillment for non-conventional products
– Prevents oversold store inventory

Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS)

Buy online pickup in-store (BOPIS or click-and-collect) is omnichannel retail’s most powerful fulfillment channel. BOPIS gives retailers the option to use existing store inventory to deliver online orders. Click-and-collect increases cross-channel sales, basket sizes, foot traffic, and customer loyalty—including using merchandise from small pop-up stores. BOPIS gives shoppers the flexibility to buy online and choose a store pickup location of their choice. Customers get to physically see, touch, feel and sense the merchandise before taking it. Should the size be incorrect, they can change it right there at the store.

BOPIS can help retailers:
– Save on shipping costs
– Reduce return rates
– Increase sales (58.8% of shoppers buy more goods while in-store)
– Improve customer satisfaction
– Strengthen loyalty and drive repeat purchasing
– Expand basket sizes
– Drive upsell opportunities

Reserve Online Pickup In-Store (ROPIS)

ROPIS is very closely associated with BOPIS. However, with ROPIS, the customer does not purchase the goods online or through digital channels. Instead, they reserve the item for purchase in-store. Some argue this is not as effective as immediately locking in purchases. Although true, certain categories are more conducive to a ROPIS sale.

Retailers that use ROPIS often sell:
– Highly specialized or technical products
– Large ticket item goods
– Merchandise which is difficult to return (such as furniture)

Ship-from-Distribution Center (Ship from DC)

Ship-from-DC is the most common fulfillment strategy. When retailers use Ship-from-DC, online or digital orders are routed to their warehouse for fulfillment. It is the default shipping method for retailers without order management optimization capabilities. The Ship-from-DC model, when used alone, fails to utilize the cost saving opportunities of other shipment models. Applying ship-from-DC as the only rule is not a sound practice. Instead, it should be one of multiple options the order management solution considers for order fulfillment.

Customer references

Browns Shoes

With over 65 retail stores, Browns Shoes is North America’s leading independent footwear chain.

Despite having a state-of-the-art 75,000 square foot distribution center (DC), Browns wanted a way to leverage its full enterprise-wide inventory of footwear for order fulfillment. They needed accuracy, and the ability to efficiently leverage merchandise from any location—fast.

After implementing Tecsys OMS, Browns Shoes now offers a robust order-to-fulfillment process. In fact, customer orders can now take as little as 15 minutes from order receipt to confirmation with tracking. Today, Browns Shoes offers express shipping with 99.5% accuracy, with even tighter lead-times than originally offered.

“This implementation will enable us to stay at the forefront of omnichannel retail for years to come.”

– Richard Sejean, Director of Ecommerce


In 2010, Henry’s selected Tecsys OMS solutions to re-launch its flagship website.

Henry’s has innovated its e-commerce infrastructure to provide a best-in-class omnichannel shopping experience. This has enabled its customers to shop in-store at 33 retail stores or online at Henry’s three B2C websites.

Website visitors can buy online by seeing real-time store inventory listings and return merchandise anywhere. In addition, the Reserve Online, Pickup In-Store feature, which enables customers to leverage both online research and in-store staff expertise, has helped the company utilize in-store inventory more efficiently, and boost store traffic.

“With Tecsys OMS we are offering a true omnichannel experience that provides our customers with a variety of convenient ways to shop, and helps streamline our fulfillment and business operations.”

– Ian Landy, President and CEO

How to order Tecsys OMS

We work based on a solid process which begins when you order Tecsys OMS. Our project manager makes sure to follow the project all the way.


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Support and service


We always offer a support package when you buy DOM. That way you ensure that your employees quickly get answers to their questions and that the system is used correctly. We prioritize the support, and make sure that your software is up to date and functional ASAP.