Automatic reports

ReportByEmail is effective for generating and sending automated reports

Automatic reporting with ReportByEmail from Tecsys

ReportByEmail from Tecsys helps you streamline administrative tasks and save time and money with event-driven reports.

With ReportByEmail you can easily define when a report should be run - and where it should be sent to. All you need to do is define the data to be retrieved, set a default frequency and define where the report should be sent to. The report will then be automatically generated and sent with updated data.

Reporting can also be set to take place automatically when a parameter has reached a given threshold, so you can automate sending based on due date, an account's balance, the entry of a new item or a fourth optional parameter.

You can thus automate the distribution of your reports by e-mail to one or more recipients from a database - as an attached report or in HTML format.

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How ReportByEmail works

If you understand databases or have experience in downloading data from a database to an Excel sheet, you will quickly be able to automate all your reports.

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Features of ReportByEmail

Below you can read how easy RBE is to work with.

Set up your first report

The first thing you do is choose how you want the finished report to look. Build the report in Microsoft Excel, which you already know. Or you can take an existing report and adapt it to your needs.

ReportByEmail uses standard Excel functions to connect and retrieve data from your database.

Then, in ReportByEmail, choose how often you want to receive your report with updated data. You can control the frequency on hours, days, weeks or months or you can set the report to run event-driven, for example if a credit note is generated or new data arrives from the bank.

Then all you have to do is choose how you want to receive your report.
Choose a format: as an email with data directly in the email as text, or with an attachment: html, excel or pdf.
Choose recipient: you can choose one or more email addresses as recipients, or you can choose to upload the report to a file server so it can be displayed on a big screen or your intranet.

Individual reports for multiple recipients

You can create a fixed list of recipients and parameters. If you need to send a sales status report to all your salespeople, you can use one Excel report to send an individual report to each salesperson with their own data.

You can also set up individual reports for users via a database lookup. This way you can automate emails with individual content, for example PBS registration for an association, bank statements for debtors who have an outstanding balance or a list of telephone or Brobizz usage for employees.

Reports for data display

You don't need to send your reports to an email. They can also be saved on a file server, in the desired output format. For example, if you create an Excel report with an employee list, it can run every morning at 8am and save an updated file on the intranet. If a staff member wants a phone list on his desk, simply open this document from the intranet and print it.


You can also build dashboards that can be used on large screens, for example, to show the current queue for picking at a warehouse or any other dynamic material with automatic updating of the view.

Automatic printing

You can also automatically set reports to send directly to a printer's print queue. If you have to put the day's tasks on a notice board every morning, they can be ready in the printer when you come in.

Avoid empty reports

To avoid sending empty emails to a recipient, there is built-in functionality to control whether the email should be sent or not. For example, you can choose that if there is no data, the mail should not be sent, or you can control in your Excel report that if a certain field has the value 0, the report should not be sent. So recipients of emails are not disturbed by unnecessary reports.

Customer references


"Broadly speaking, in terms of productivity alone, we have created DKK 200,000 more per month. On the procurement side, we reduce the risk of double purchasing and repetitive work processes. ReportByEmail has meant that the work of the maintenance department has become visible. In addition, I have gained a great personal assurance that important work is being done. It has given me more time, which is worth a lot of money in a hectic working day." Says Michael Petersen, Purchasing leader at Abena Produktion A/S.

Software support

We always offer a support package when you purchase ReportByEmail. This ensures that your employees get answers to questions quickly and that the system is used correctly. We prioritise our support and make sure your software is up to date and functional as quickly as possible.

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