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Our software department consists of specialists in print/label systems, mobile systems, transport systems and warehouse systems.

When you buy software from Tecsys, we offer an update agreement and a support agreement. In our experience, many questions arise when a new system comes into use. When you sign a support agreement, we ensure that we always have at least two developers who are competent in the system that has been developed for you. Typically, the developers are the ones who originally programmed the system, but when staff changes, we make sure to train a new one.

Often new customisation needs arise, where developers can be good sparring partners to find the best solution to implement in your system, whether it is a temporary solution or a new project to customise the system.

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Support agreement

A support contract is concluded for one year at a time. A support agreement includes:

Support for the purchased software is provided on weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm, and according to the agreed SLA. Extended support can be purchased both for start-up and for special occasions with a critical need for fast support, such as Black Friday.

When a problem arises, our IT helpdesk is easily contacted by email. This ensures that all enquiries are answered as quickly as possible by our trained support staff.

We provide training for your employees who will use the helpdesk function, ensuring the fastest possible solutions without misunderstandings.

Update agreement

An update agreement is concluded for one year at a time. An update agreement includes:

Software updates: new features are continuously developed and any reported bugs are fixed and released in new versions, which you have access to via the update agreement. We also ensure that our standard software is kept up to date with new versions of drivers and operating systems.

An update agreement does not include assistance with the installation on your IT systems. A software solution is often complex and integrated with individual systems, such as. ERP or automation solutions, so adaptations of the integrations are needed before an update of the solution is possible.