Site Survey

Site survey ensures proper setup of your wireless network

Site Survey / Radio Coverage Analysis

The Site Survey includes a coverage analysis that analyses the optimal locations and types of antennas, so you're sure to get full coverage no matter how you move around your premises. In addition to a coverage analysis, we can also conduct a radio noise analysis to ensure that alarm systems, gates and other wireless systems will not interfere with the future network by emitting noise on the frequency. The analysis is documented in a site survey report, which shows the placement of all access points on a plan drawing and with detailed photo and installation instructions for each access point. After that, a qualified electrician can take care of the installation.

If you want radio coverage in an outdoor area, this can be achieved with both outdoor antennas and access points designed for outdoor use. Often the task is solved with access points mounted indoors and with antennas mounted externally on the wall.

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Roaming is an important discipline in a wireless network to be used in a warehouse. Roaming means that the wireless network stays connected when you move around and automatically switches between the different access points.

Some networks provide excellent coverage and a very fast connection, but are unsuitable for real-world use in a warehouse. By configuring the individual access points, roaming can be optimised so that the handheld terminals do not lose connection during roaming.

Wireless network service

Tecsys helps you set up a new wireless network and troubleshoot your existing wireless network. The network is documented so that maintenance and extensions are facilitated considerably.