Hardware service

Tecsys has service technicians certified in repairing the popular brands.

Hardware service

We have our own workshop, complete with spare parts for the most popular brands. Our six service technicians make sure that your business is operational. When a piece of your hardware is inoperative, it means that your employee cannot perform his job as planned. You risk that your customers cannot get the service they expect, and ultimately the result is less revenue.

We have prioritized that all our service technicians are certified in Honeywell, Zebra and Toshiba hardware. In order to be get your hardware up and running as quick as possible, we have service technicians at our offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus. From there they can quickly be present throughout Denmark, and make sure that your hardware is quickly repaired or replaced.
You can choose different service solutions, which we describe here.

Get expert advice

Please contact Christian Clausen about service agreements.

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Service agreements

The most popular solution is a fixed service agreement. This is similar to an insurance where you pay the same amount every year, so that you can send your hardware for repairing when a problem occurs. Besides from the cost of the service agreement, you only pay for the spare parts that are necessary to repair your hardware.

This solution helps you to have a fixed budget that you can set aside for repairs, and avoid unforeseen costs for your hardware.

You can sign service agreements for computers and printers.

SWAP agreement

A little like a replacement vehicle, you can choose to take out a SWAP agreement to your hardware. We make sure to have an exact copy ready with updated software, that we send out as soon as a hardware problem is reported. This minimizes the downtime that you risk due to hardware repairs.


You can make use of us just like any other workshop. It is not necessary to have a special agreement. If you prefer to pay when the problem occurs, we function just like a shop where you receive an invoice for the time spent and spare parts.