Repair of printers, handheld terminals, etc.

Tecsys has its own workshop with its own skilled service technicians. To be able to be quickly present in your company, we have employed service technicians at our offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus. From here, they can quickly be on hand across the country to ensure your hardware is repaired or replaced quickly.

When your printer, handheld terminal or barcode scanner is out of order, it means an employee who can't do their job. This results in dissatisfied customers who can't get the service they expect, and ultimately means less money on the bottom line.

You can choose different service solutions, which we describe on this page.

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Service agreement / Keep alive agreement

The most popular option is a fixed service contract. It's similar to insurance, where you pay a fixed amount each year to send your hardware for repair when a problem occurs. In addition to the service agreement, you only pay for wearing parts that are needed to repair your hardware. This solution gives you a fixed budget to spend on repairs, so you don't have to worry about unexpected hardware costs.

Many of our customers use this scheme as a keep alive agreement based on a sustainability concept, where they want to ensure as long a life as possible for their hardware. Please contact us to discuss how we can help your business.

SWAP agreement

A bit like a loaner car, you can choose to take out a SWAP agreement for your hardware. We'll make sure we have an exact copy ready, with updated software, to send you as soon as a hardware problem is reported. It minimises the downtime you get due to hardware repairs.

General workshop

Repair of printers, handheld terminals, hard smartphones/tablets and similar. You can use us on an equal footing with any other type of workshop. It is not necessary to have a special agreement. If you prefer to pay when the problem occurs, we simply act as a repair shop, billing you for time and parts.