Mobile Device Management

Gain control of your company’s mobile devices.

Mobile Device Management

SOTI’s award-winning Mobile Device Management solution can streamline your mobile solution using features such as real-time remote control, helpdesk options, advanced security, tracking and worldwide GPS, alarms and more.

Many companies use handheld computers for many different types of mobile tasks, which are often distributed on several locations in Denmark or internationally. Mobile Device Management is applied to ensure that individual computers function optimally and to resolve problems centrally from the office.

With Mobile Device Management, you can gain control of the mobile computer, using your office computer, so that you are able to help an employee with a problem. You can also update software on all computers centrally, so you do not risk that an individual computer is missing an update.

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SOTI MobiControl is the most comprehensive Mobile Device Management tool available on the market, with a wide range of valuable features including:

-Security: Disable a user’s access to make changes in the configurations or delete data. You also have the opportunity to remove software and data from a handheld computer, if it gets lost or a supplier no longer needs access to certain customer data.

-Distribution: Central distribution of programs and data.

-Configuration settings, for example for the barcode scanner.

-Remote control: Access the screen and help the user.

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Tecsys is an authorized SOTI-provider. We have several certified technicians and have experience from several customer projects.

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Customer reference: FK Distribution

When FK Distribution was faced with having to replace all computers, they also chose to have Mobile Device Management installed. This has given them great savings in IT maintenance.