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Tecsys service

Tecsys has decades of experience in software and hardware for the Supply Chain industry, most of our customers have chosen a service contract for software or hardware, and appreciate being able to have the service the same place as they purchased the item.

We know the importance of stable solutions, and do our best to ensure, that your business is quickly back in operation if an accident should occur.

Therefore, we have service technicians both in Copenhagen and Aarhus, so we can quickly be anywhere in Denmark, if you need assistance. In our workshop, we service and repair scanners, handheld terminals, truck terminals and printers. Often we can perform the software service via a device management system, allowing us to solve software problems online.

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Hardware service

Our workshop has certified Honeywell (Intermec), Zebra (Motorola) and Toshiba service technicians. We service printers, handheld terminals, barcode scanners and vehicle held computers. Daily life in the workshop offers many different types of tasks, and our highly skilled service technicians will make sure the hardware is back in function as soon as possible. Some of our customers choose to have reserve equipment with us, this allows us to send a handheld computer with the proper software to the warehouse, the same day as the customer’s handheld computer is damaged.

We have service technicians in Copenhagen and Aarhus, ready to visit your business and make sure that your hardware quickly becomes operational again.

Software support

You get the most competent software service from the developer who has programmed the software. Therefore, we always offer a support package, where you get direct contact with the programmer. We offer support for tailor made software, as well as our standard products: PM5, WMS7 or  TMS.

The support can be minor changes to the software, driver updates, questions about features and of course malfunction occurred after approved test. We prioritise our support high and make sure your software is up to date and functional as soon as possible.

Many of our customers have chosen to install Mobile Device Management, allowing our supporters to have remote access to the software on the terminals, so they can update the code without having to have the equipment sent in.

Hosting and IT service

In Tecsys hosting center we are hosting our Tecsys customer solutions, as well as external IT solutions, in a safe and professional environment. We always prioritise your solution, whether it is a single server with common standard software, or it is 20 servers with databases and custom applications. We tailor a solution that fits the company’s financial and technical specifications. We provide a comprehensive solution to the operation of all your applications and backup of your data. Tecsys is a full service provider of hosting and IT services.

Mobile Device Management

With Mobile Device Management, you can take remote control of the handheld computers from the office, allowing you to quickly help employees with a problem. You can also update software on all computers centrally, so you do not risk individual computers missing an update.

SOTI MobiControl is the most comprehensive mobile device management tool available on the market with a wide range of valuable features.

Tecsys is an authorised SOTI dealer, we have certified technicians and have gained experience from several large customer projects.

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