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Tecsys Route optimisation and transport management

Route optimisation is the automatic planning of the day's stops. The aim is to make the day's deliveries with the fewest possible wagons and kilometres travelled. The system can pay itself back by saving time on manual planning and distributing goods as optimally as possible.

Tecsys Route Optimisation is suitable for all types of companies with their own transport. Regardless of fleet size and number of routes, route planning will make your fleet more efficient through automation.

The system is built on a wide range of standard parameters that can be adjusted and customised to your needs. You therefore get a system that meets your transport and delivery criteria.

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Route optimisation via mail

Route optimisation and transport planning via email is a very simple route planning where you simply send an email to the system containing an excel sheet with details of the day’s stops and number of cars available. After about 5 minutes you will receive the finished routes in an email, divided per car and ready to use.

The details to be entered for today's stop are:

  • Customer's name and address
  • Delivery date and time window
  • Drop time (Number of minutes this stop is expected to take)
  • Volume (Piece, size or weight)
  • Warehouse (From which warehouse will the goods be dispatched)

Details for the cars:

  • Nickname (Can be just car1, car2, etc)
  • Capacity (Max number, size or kg)
  • Warehouse (Which warehouse does the car leave from)
  • External (If you have external cars, you hire them when needed. The system will fill up the internal cars first)

Route optimisation and transport planning - Full version

The full version includes both an administration section, where you can plan your routes with more parameters, and see current map views of how far your drivers are on the routes. You can also change the day’s routes if necessary.

Once the routes are generated and approved, you can send them out to drivers’ mobile terminals or smartphones, all via the server, so you can also change the routes during the day if changes occur.

The route optimisation can take into account the configuration parameters needed for your business. Typically it is:

  • Timeframes for delivery
  • Time it takes to perform the task on the stop
  • Requirements for special driver or vehicle characteristics (e.g. two-man requirement, assembly, heavy goods)
  • Prioritisation of task
  • Storage locations, starting and finishing addresses for vehicles
  • Capacity for cars
  • Driver qualifications
  • Required breaks
  • Working time, starting and finishing time for drivers


Tecsys Route Optimisation draws up a plan for distributing the day's deliveries over the fewest possible wagons. With an optimal route, you will save on the number of kilometres driven, and thus on fuel costs. You can further reduce the number of times your wagons run unladen. So you also get an environmental saving in the form of reduced CO2 emissions.

An example of savings achieved: a company previously used three wagons to drive to 126 delivery points. The three vehicles spent a total of 53 hours on the road and drove 3,372 kilometres to complete the task. In addition, they spent many working hours manually planning the routes.

After introducing route optimisation, they saw a saving of almost 34% on both journey time and kilometres travelled. This meant that they saved a whole wagon, as they now only needed two wagons to do the same job. This is because the system calculates the most optimal routes.

Savings in driving time will eliminate all costs associated with the vehicle, including fuel, insurance, repairs and other associated costs.

Fewer planning hours

Manual planning of routes can take many working hours. With Tecsys Route Optimisation, your employees can have the most optimal route plan delivered in minutes. This gives them more time to do other things.

You can quickly add changes to the route in question, just by informing the system. Then it will automatically update the route with the most optimal driving directions.

Better use of capacity

A route planning system makes sure your cars are used optimally. Depending on your company's daily stops and number of cars, you might also be able to save an entire car by introducing route planning.

Tecsys Route Optimization also takes into account the weight of the shipments, so if there are packages that require special tools or two employees to carry it to the customer, the system can arrange for it to come by a specific car.

Better customer service, fewer errors

With Tecsys Route Optimisation, you can increase service to your customers with timely and accurate delivery. It can take into account which vehicles are allowed to drive in an environmental zone or have special delivery skills, such as crane or two-man delivery. Customer requests for specific drivers or vehicle can also be processed as an automated part of the route planning.

The customer can receive the exact time of delivery via SMS or email. In case of delay, the administration will automatically be notified and can contact the customer and inform him of the exact time of delivery. This will increase service and make for happy customers.

Benefits for drivers

Route planning takes into account drivers' working hours and helps them comply with legal requirements on driving and rest times.

The system also takes into account requirements for specific staff skills and special equipment, for example for the delivery of dangerous goods.

Tecsys Route Optimisation prepares a detailed plan, for each vehicle, of an optimal route. The plan can be displayed on the employee's hand terminal and can be combined with the other functions of Tecsys TMS, e.g. navigation to the next stop on the day's driving list.

Route optimisation with or without Tecsys TMS

You can get Tecsys Route Optimisation as part of Tecsys TMS or as a standalone system. Whatever you choose, Tecsys can help with the integration and set-up of the system.

Software support

We always offer a support package when you buy Tecsys Route Optimisation. This ensures that your employees get answers to questions quickly and that the system is used correctly. We prioritise our support and make sure your software is up to date and functional as quickly as possible.

Often, our customers choose to have Mobile Device Management installed, so that our supporters have remote access to the software on the mobile terminals, and can thus update the code without having to send in the equipment.

How to order Tecsys Route Optimisation

We have a fixed process we work from when you order Tecsys Route Optimisation. Our project manager will see the project through to completion.


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