B-EX4D2/B-EX4T2 Industrial printers

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Product family

B-EX4D2/B-EX4T2 Industrial printers

Combining the features and functionality of the established B-EX range the B-EX4T2 series, has the added benefits of flat head technology, left edge aligned media and an 800m, the longest ribbon in the marketplace which means fewer media changes and equals a lower cost of ownership.

The most popular product in the series

Cost-effective, for legacy system replacement. High-specification, high-throughput, high-performance and extremely durable. Print width: 4 inch. Resolution: 600dpi
Item number: 18221168746
1.799,00 excl. VAT


Toshiba B-EX4D2-GS12-QM-R

624,00 excl. VAT

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