Pick to Light

Our customers have seen picking times cut by up to 50%.

Pick to Light/ Put to Light

Light-guided picking is a paperless picking technology that increases productivity and accuracy in your warehouse and distribution centre. Pick to light is recognised as the fastest operator-based picking method when picking smaller units in a breakdown. The method is ideal for zone picking.

By replacing paper-based picking with pick to light, you can expect 50 % increase in picking productivity in areas with dense shelving and flow racks.

Put to Light uses the same types of displays, but here the LEDs are placed on the picking unit, for example a picking trolley with several distribution boxes, allowing the warehouse worker to distribute the goods for dispatch more efficiently.

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How Pick to Light works

Pick to Light is especially beneficial if you pick your goods in zones where a warehouse worker can see which locations are lit up. When the order is started in a zone, displays light up at the different locations to be picked from and the number to be picked is shown in the display. When the desired number has been picked, the employee presses the OK button.

KBS supplies their hardware with a snap-in system, which allows a very flexible placement of displays. If the modules in the warehouse need to be moved around, you can do this yourself, without the need for tools. With other suppliers, just these small changes are more demanding and costly.


  • Reduction in picking time
  • Fewer picking errors - both picking of wrong goods and counting errors
  • Better ergonomics for employees - thus greater job satisfaction
  • Always online registration of goods transactions - full overview of the stock
  • Super user friendly - very quick learning for new employees and temps
  • Can be set up so each user hears the dialogue in their own language

Customer conference: UBD

Every week UBD distributes about 2 million magazines/books to about 7000 retailers. Each dealer is supplied with a number of different magazines. The individual leaves have different sizes and thicknesses. To ensure high quality deliveries and avoid costly misdeliveries, UBD has deployed 5 advanced packing tables.

Customer conference: Nomeco

Nomeco A/S - Denmark's largest pharmaceutical wholesaler - has improved efficiency and quality at its warehouse in Odense. By using picking trolleys with integrated truck terminal and a Put-To-Light quality system from Tecsys, it is possible to pick several orders at the same time.