Pick by Voice

Tecsys Voice quickly gets your business up and running with voice picking.

Pick by voice, voice controlled picking

A voice solution for picking can bring big improvements in productivity. So big that the investment is paid back in a very short time.

With both hands free to pick the goods, your warehouse staff can operate much more efficiently while experiencing improved workflows. Tecsys offers a "Pick by Voice" solution, where the employee performs the picking via headset. It's easy to combine the method with a screen, so you can choose what information to pass on in the headset and what to display on the screen.

Benefits that clearly improve productivity

  • Reduction in picking time
  • Fewer picking errors - both picking of wrong goods and counting errors
  • Better ergonomics for employees - less sickness and more job satisfaction
  • Always online registration of goods transactions - thus full overview of the stock
  • Super user friendly - very fast training for new employees and temps
  • Can be set up so each user hears the dialogue in their own language

Tecsys Voice is based on recognised and proven Voice technology from Vocollect. The voice solution integrates with your ERP system.

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What is Pick By Voice

Tecsys Voice is a voice-activated picking solution. Small computers are worn on a belt during work and all communication is done via the headset.

The voice system is trained to understand the language and dialect of the employees. A so-called voice profile is created when the warehouse employee uses a Voice terminal for the first time. The voice profile is automatically retrieved when an employee plugs in their personal headset.

How Pick By Voice works

Using a headset, the warehouse worker is told what to pick. The system can also be combined with a screen, as we have done in the video. The voice system is set up for the desired dialogue and the employee confirms by saying a check digit which is read at the location. For example, the dialogue reads:

Computer: "Go to A 02 and enter check digit"
User: "1 2"
Computer: "Find item: Neutral dish wash and enter check digit"
User: "2 8"
Computer: "Pluk 2"
User: "2"
Computer: "Place 2 Neutral dish wash in container C1 and enter check digit"
User: "7 8"

Get a free analysis

What is the potential for productivity improvements in your warehouse? Tecsys performs a free analysis that gives you the answer. In our experience, if you have five employees picking full time, a Pick by Voice solution will provide a Return On Investment in less than two years – often only a few months!

Tecsys carries out the analysis on your premises, taking your current warehouse setup as a starting point. We would like to have a tour of the warehouse and hear about the number of picks per hour, error rates and number of employees picking. Our visit concludes with a calculation of ROI based on a voice solution.

Then you have an immediate basis for decision.

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