OMS: Order Management System

Tecsys OMS provides an overview of your inventory across store shelves, store warehouses and logistics centres, and ensures that orders are fulfilled based on customer requests for delivery or pick up in store.

Tecsys OMS simplifies omnichannel commerce

Tecsys OMS helps you receive payments, invoice, split shipments, aggregate customer data across physical and digital channels and more - we remove the complexity of managing omnichannel orders.

If you have growth dreams, Tecsys OMS helps you make them a reality. Our modular and flexible OMS is one of the best capacity systems on the market, handling more than 3,000 orders per minute. That's why some of the world's largest retailers rely on Tecsys OMS for their order fulfillment.

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Retail is a competitive industry. If you're not constantly developing, changing and adapting your business to your customers' wants and needs, you can lose revenue. With Tecsy's cloud-based OMS solution, you have a system that continuously adds new relevant capabilities. Among other things, you get:

  • Real-time visibility of total inventory
  • Pre-order goods
  • Fast delivery from distribution centre, warehouse or shop
  • Order consolidation that improves customer satisfaction
  • Pick/pack/ship direct to store - enables ship-from-store
  • Receipt-free in-store return management that inspires more purchases
  • Intelligent distributor management
  • On-the-fly changes to system setup

Frequently asked questions

I'm not convinced that omnichannel delivers ROI

Answer: To compete with Amazon, which has fulfillment centers all over the world, retailers have no choice but to make use of omnichannel to stay competitive.

I can do it in my ERP system

A: An ERP can be cumbersome and difficult to work in when it comes to anything other than financial management. You need a configurable solution that can keep up with the ever-changing demands of customers for omnichannel commerce.

We do not have enough storage space in our stores

Answer: With limited storage space, Tecsys OMS provides great benefits by giving you an overview of the total inventory across your company. You can sell from other stores' warehouses, distribution centres, set up order management preferences and easily consolidate orders.

We do not have stock visibility

Answer: We offer flexible integration strategies, based on our experience with other retailers who, like you, had difficulty loading store inventory. Talk to us and together we can find a solution.

I'm not sure if shop assistants should sell or pack online orders

Answer: Most retail employees have times when they are busy in the store and times when there is time for other tasks. It is critical to utilise these resources when there are no customers in the store.

It's too disruptive to our supply chain

Answer: Many organisations find it easier not to change anything, but to stay competitive, it's important to keep up with new technologies. Our consultants will help you draw up a plan to align your supply chain with your other tasks.

Staff turnover is too high to train staff in new functions

Answer: Our easy-to-use mobile solution is designed specifically for quick learning to get store associates up and running quickly.

Who should buy Tecsys OMS?

Any retailer that wants to connect its digital channels with its physical stores will benefit from an OMS. But we have set out some criteria that best describe the segment of the retail market we are targeting:

  • More than 25 stores in Denmark, Europe or globally. Or ambitions to grow to more than 25 stores.
  • Want full visibility of inventory, across warehouse and store inventories.
  • Wants to improve its order fulfillment capabilities.

Omnichannel fulfillment options for retail

Click and collect

Buy or reserve online – in-store pick-up (click-and-collect) is the omnichannel retailer’s preferred fulfilment channel. Click and collect gives retailers the opportunity to use existing in-store goods to deliver online orders. Click and collect increases sales across channels, basket sizes and customer loyalty. You give your customers the flexibility to buy online and choose pick-up in a store of their choice. You can also choose to let customers reserve items online if they want to see/try the item in store before paying. This can be useful for the customer if the item is difficult to return, for example when buying furniture.

Click and collect benefits:

  • Save on shipping costs
  • Increase sales (58.8% of customers buy more items while in the store)
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Strengthens loyalty
  • Expand the number of items in your basket
  • Drive sales opportunities

Ship to Store

Ship to store (buy online, pick up in store) is a solution that delights customers and leverages existing store resources. Whether the products are located at a distribution centre, 3PL or in another store’s inventory, an OMS routes orders from its current location to the desired pickup location. This way, you still get all the benefits of Click and collect, but extend your customers’ pick-up options, as all items can be collected in all stores. Tecsys OMS ensures that they are delivered to the right store and informs the customer when the goods are ready for pick-up.

Advantages of Ship To Store:

  • Exploiting retailers' internal supply networks
  • Reduces idle inventory
  • Plus all the benefits of Click and Collect

Ship from Store

Ship from Store reduces costs and delivery times by turning your stores into local distribution centres. Each store’s stock capacity and inventory is updated on a regular basis. Each store has individual business rules to meet the needs of each retailer. For example, retailers can specify the maximum number of orders that can be reached to be packed by staff and a minimum stock of goods they want to keep in the store.

Tecsys’ Ship from Store-Fulfillment also includes features for invoicing, invoice shipping, label printing and conveyor management.

Ship-from-DC works in the same way as ship from store. Here, the goods are simply shipped directly from the distribution centre to the customer’s address.

Advantages of Ship from Store:

  • Fast delivery times
  • Optimize payroll by having employees have multiple functions
  • Elimination of storage costs

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How to get Tecsys OMS

We have a fixed process we work from when you order Tecsys OMS. Our project manager will see the project through to completion.


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Software support

We always offer a support package when you purchase Order Dynamics. This ensures that your employees get answers to questions quickly and that the system is used correctly. We prioritise our support and make sure your software is up to date and functional as quickly as possible.