Tecsys launches refurbished hardware shop

Tecsys launches refurbished hardware shop

Tecsys has chosen to offer used equipment from a sustainability perspective, as it is a small contribution to reducing resource consumption on the planet. Quality equipment is made to last for many years, and when Tecsys has the skills in-house to replace wearing parts, it makes sense to offer refurbished hardware.

“We call this our green shop, as we already have a traditional online shop with new equipment. The idea arose because we have a lot of equipment lying around that is in good condition and still has many good years left in it. In fact, when we discussed the possibility of putting the equipment up for sale, there were only good arguments for doing so. We help companies keep their operations running, our workshop can get rid of the boxes of good equipment they have lying around and there is an environmental benefit in not just throwing out and buying new”, explains Martin Wulff, CEO of Tecsys Denmark.

The used equipment comes from discontinued demo equipment or hardware that has been taken back in connection with the sale of new equipment. Everything is tested at the Tecsys authorised workshop, where batteries, keyboards and other wearing parts are replaced if necessary.

“We don’t sell all the equipment we get in, a lot is used as spare parts and the rest is disposed of as electrical scrap. But there is a great demand for the discontinued models. This could be from companies that are happy with their equipment and just need a few extra handheld terminals of the same model type that they already have in use. Therefore, we also offer the possibility to be on a waiting list, so that you will be contacted when we get the model you are looking for, for example in connection with a trade-in agreement, where another company has chosen to replace their handheld terminals with a newer model”, adds Michael Pedersen, Senior Sales Consultant.

You can contact Tecsys at dk-order@tecsys.com if you want a price for used equipment, if you want to rent equipment during a busy period or if you are interested in making a trade in agreement.

The overview of refurbished hardware can be found at: tecsys.dk/refurbished-hardware

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