Product test: Zebra TC26

Product test: Zebra TC26

In short, the TC26 from Zebra is a rugged smartphone designed for professional use – at a price that competes with consumer smartphones.

You only pay for what you need – that’s why there are several product variants of the TC26, with different types of barcode scanners and batteries. You can also choose the TC21 model, which is similar to the TC26 – it’s just designed for working inside walls and is therefore Wifi only.

Most importantly, it’s tougher than a consumer smartphone, IP67 certified to withstand both dust and water. In addition, it can be dropped from a height of 1.2 metres.

What you need to consider is what it costs your business every time an employee can’t work because his equipment is designed to be in a pocket – not in use at a workplace.

With the TC26, you get everything a consumer smartphone gives you – but with the option to customise it for professional use. It’s the first industrial smartphone to offer Android 10, so it can get monthly security updates and future Android updates.

The TC26 will be on the shelves for at least the next 3 years and then Zebra promises support for another 3 years. So you can see the investment over a period of up to 6 years.

See pdf with TC26 product specifications

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Contact Christian Clausen, to learn more about TC26: christian.clausen@tecsys.com or 88 33 57 70.

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