Product test: proglove with bluetooth terminal

Product test: proglove with bluetooth terminal

Proglove with bluetooth terminal

We have tested a smart setup, consisting of a glove scanner from Proglove and an arm-mounted terminal.

It’s a combination that makes for great ergonomics, and one that several of our customers have successfully chosen.

The Proglove scanner is a very compact scanner, weighing only 40 grams and mounted on the back of a glove. The gloves are available in several sizes and for both right and left hand.

If you need a touch screen or buttons, the Proglove scanner can be easily paired with the terminal via Bluetooth. It adds a little weight to the arm, but you’ve equipped your warehouse staff with a really solid solution that also has ergonomics rarely seen in a warehouse.

See prices for ProGlove here.

Contact Michael Pedersen, to learn more about ProGlove, both with and without an arm-mounted terminal: michael.pedersen@tecsys.com or 88 33 57 34.

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