Product test: Honeywell PX940

Product test: Honeywell PX940

We have tested the PX940 printer from Honeywell.

The concept of Smart Technology has reached printers. That’s because the PX940 is so smart, it can check for itself if it’s done its job well enough. With a built-in verifier, all labels are scanned as they leave the printer and if the print is not 100% perfect, the printer will run the label back, scrape the bad print and try again.

Many of us can live with the errors that can be on labels, but there are several industries where misprints will mean high costs, and a printer like this can therefore be absolutely essential.

You can choose which print quality you want 2-3 or 600 dpi. The lower the quality – the faster the print speed.

The PX940 prints with a precision of +/- 0.2 mm, so if you need very small labels, for example for the electronics or medical industries, it can work with labels as small as 20 mm in width and 3 mm in length.

See prices for PX940 here.

To learn more about the PX940, contact Christian Clausen: christian.clausen@tecsys.com or 88 33 57 70.

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