Product test: Honeywell CK65 Flexrange scanner

Product test: Honeywell CK65 Flexrange scanner

CK65 with Flexrange scanner

We have tested the new Flexrange scanner from Honeywell – in the popular CK65 terminal.

With the Flexrange scanner, you can scan all the barcodes you can see. You no longer need to angle the scanner or move closer to a barcode. It’s an impressive scanner that our sales department agrees is impressively fast.

It takes barcodes from 10 cm to 10 metres without spending time refocusing.

The scanner itself is very compact and has no moving parts, so it’s fast, light and robust. CK65 can still withstand being dropped from 3 meters onto concrete.

The Flexrange scanner is available in the CK65, the RT10A tablet and the CT60 and CT40 smartphones. So different use scenarios are thought of – both warehouse and retail workers will appreciate the flexibility they get with a Flexrange scanner. It is also planned to be released in the Granite Scanner during 2020.

See pdf with CK65 Flexrange product specifications

To learn more about the Flexrange scanner, contact Michael Pedersen: michael.pedersen@tecsys.com or 88 33 57 34.

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