PCSYS changes name to Tecsys

PCSYS changes name to Tecsys

Since February 2019, PCSYS has been part of the Tecsys family, and now the time has come for a name change that makes clear that the companies’ products are now marketed internationally under a common name: Tecsys.

“PCSYS has been a ‘one stop shop’ in Denmark, where our customers have been able to get advice, logistics software, hardware and support. It has worked well and this will also be the model we take further into the European market. Only now with a large North American partner behind us and even more software products.” says CEO Klaus Juhl.

For existing PCSYS customers, the name change means nothing more than getting used to hearing a new name and seeing a new logo. CVR number, address, telephone number and staff remain unchanged.

International environment

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, and employing over 500 people in offices across the US, Canada, UK and Denmark, it is an international environment PCSYS is transitioning to.

In North America, Tecsys is particularly known for its innovative logistics solutions for the healthcare sector, where it has a large market share. But also the 3PL and the retail industry use Tecsys’ logistics solutions extensively.

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