Offers on Voyager XP 1470

Offers on Voyager XP 1470

We have a promotional price on the Voyager XP 1470 scanner kit from Honeywell, which you can buy right now for about half price, compared to the list price of 1.550 kr.

The presentation scan stand is included in the price, so this kit will get you up and running quickly with both handheld and presentation scanning.

– The 1470 scanner is perfect for retail as it has a great scan engine that efficiently reads even damaged barcodes, so no unnecessary time is wasted at the checkout.

– The scanner also reads QR codes from the customer’s smartphone screen, if loyalty cards or discount codes need to be registered.

– The rugged scanner is tested to withstand being dropped onto cement floors from 1.8 metres.

See pdf with Voyager 1470 product specifications

To find out more about the Voyager 1470 campaign, contact Michael Pedersen: michael.pedersen@tecsys.com or 88 33 57 34.

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