Exchange for new discount: Dolphin CK65

Exchange for new discount: Dolphin CK65

We have a promotional price on CK65 from Honeywell, so you can get 1.500 kr discount for each hand terminal you want to replace with a new CK65. You get the discount regardless of the brand of the handheld terminal you want to replace.

The CK65 is the successor to the CK3, which has been popular for the last several years. Honeywell has kept the same form factor, so you have accessories from the CK3 can also be used for the CK65.

The main improvements are:

– The CK65 comes with Android Orio and is built on Honeywell’s highly popular Mobility Edge platform, which future-proofs Android updates until Android R. After that, you’re guaranteed patch support until 2025.

– CK65 is even tougher than CK3. It can be dropped from a height of 2.4 metres and has an IP64 certification.

– The screen is larger and with touch that works both with and without gloves. You can choose between 2 keyboards: alphanumeric and numeric. And a choice between standard range scanner and long range scanner, scanning from 15 cm to 15 meters. The battery lasts for 18 hours and now has hot swap technology so you can change the battery without the hand terminal switching off.

– The CK65 has preinstalled and pre-licensed terminal emulation, Enterprise browser and launcher.

See pdf with CK65 product specifications

To find out more about the CK65 campaign, contact Christian Clausen: christian.clausen@tecsys.com or 88 33 57 70.

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