Warehouse Automation

easily integrated into WMS7

Warehouse automation is a necessity for many

Warehouses and distribution centers are struggling to keep up with the pace of e-commerce fulfillment with short order cycles and labor-intensive picking. This pressure, combined with the challenge of finding enough warehouse staff, makes many consider investing in varying degrees of automation, from pick-to-light systems to shuttles and robot sorting, to getting the right goods out to customers on time.

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We have gathered our experience from automation projects in Tecsys Europe and Tecsys North America. We have published this in an e-book, with the aim of dressing you as well as possible for the automation project you are facing. In the e-book we review the following: Preparation. Choice of automation system. Implementation. Improvement.

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Why do you need a WMS?

One can very rarely use automation without a WMS. Typically, a warehouse has both a section with automation and a section without, as not all types of goods fit into an automation system. An order will therefore often consist of items stored in different places in the warehouse, and a WMS must therefore direct the automation and the warehouse pick routines together so that all orders are picked as efficiently as possible, and then consolidated before reaching the packing table.

In order for the automation, regardless of the type of system, to work, it is therefore necessary to have an overall WMS to require the automation system with information about orders and goods to be picked. It is a symbiotic relationship, and warehouses cannot use advanced automated technologies without implementing a WMS that has the capacity to collect and act on data.

Tecsys WMS7 has built-in the necessary functionality to ensure that you get the necessary data to be able to streamline your warehouse. It is both about which items to place where in the warehouse (the manual or automated part), and how the picking routines are best used to get all orders packed as quickly as possible.

Tecsys Warehouse Management System 7

  • Optimized picking with multiplucking algorithm

  • Secure identification of goods

  • FIFO and batch control.

This means that the goods are handled correctly, that the processing time on the individual order becomes shorter, and – not insignificantly – that the customer experience becomes (even) better.

Integration and communication across systems

Tecsys WMS7 can of course be integrated with your automation, ERP or shop system. WMS7 is born with a standard file format that can communicate with other systems, and a file interface that can be expanded with more information, if needed.

Tecsys WMS takes care of all small relocations in the warehouse and only reports back to the ERP system when and if a relocation has an economic consequence. All data exchange between WMS7 and your ERP system takes place automatically and with high data security, which also includes monitoring of the file interface.

WMS7 is developed by Tecsys, and we can therefore meet virtually all requests for customization. Every single solution is put together in collaboration with the customer – on the basis of a thorough analysis and a number of design criteria. You therefore get a system that contains exactly the functions you need. If you want to expand or adapt further later, this is just a simple expansion project.

How to order WMS

We have a fixed process that we work from when you order a WMS. Our project manager makes sure to follow the project right to the door.


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Customer references

Prime Cargo uses Tecsys WMS to manage its warehouse both in Denmark and in Poland. In 2019, they expanded the warehouse with an Autostore, where Tecsys WMS delivers data and integrates to all Prime Cargo’s customers.

Complexity in the logistics chain and time are traditionally two factors that work against each other, but DKI Logistics has solved this with the help of shuttle systems from Knapp and Tecsys WMS7.

Illums Bolighus wanted to introduce a WMS to improve the customer experience in their webshop, by providing a better overview of the stocks in the stores. At the same time, picking and packing have been optimized.

By the WMS optimizing the picking method, the order capacity has been increased by at least 40 percent with the same number of employees and in the same warehouse building as before.