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Variable data printing from a shared platform

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Tecsys Label Print Server

The Label Print Server secures a high quality in your company’s labels. The solution ensures that the labels are using the correct data and the latest graphic files. It is simple to replace the hazard symbols or marks, and enables country-specific or customer-specific labels.

If your company has many different types of printers, Tecsys LPS will ensure that all labels have a uniform print layout, regardless of which printer they are printed on.

In short, Tecsys Label Print Server is your link between the data and label printers.

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What is a Label Print Server?

A Label Print Server is an advanced version of the label software, you may have used before. Many of our customers have previously used BarTender or Codesoft, which we also distribute, but as the programs have lacked some features, the customers have chosen to move on to a more sophisticated software solution. Customers who already have BarTender or Codesoft will find it easy to make the switch to Tecsys LPS, as the existing label templates are easily integrated in the Label Print Server and the interface is familiar. Companies which have not previously used these programs, will simply start by creating templates in the Label Print Server interface.

A Label Print Server is a dynamic template catalogue, which can print on a wide range of printers with consistent results. You can create labels and documents up to A4 size, and you can enrich the templates with the information you want to print. The information may consist of graphics, text or numbers. They can be collected from all digital sources, so the labels are always printed with updated information. You can choose to have graphics files on a file server, you can obtain product data from SAP or any other systems, and you can of course edit directly in the Tecsys LPS user-friendly interface.


How do I use Tecsys LPS?

Once you have all your templates ready for Tecsys LPS, there are several ways you can print the labels. Of course, you can do it directly in the Tecsys LPS interface, but many companies choose to implement the print function in their existing systems, making the workflow as easy as possible. It is possible to print directly from SAP, WMS or other systems. You can also choose to implement the print function in the software that is displayed in a handheld device or a vehicle mount computer, so you can order labels when the goods arrive.

The labels or documents are printed on the printers that are implemented in Tecsys LPS. The different templates may have a preference for selecting a specific printer if you want to print to a particular department.

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How do I get started with the Label Print Server?

We offer a workshop, where our experts work together with the people who are responsible for your company’s labels and who knows your requirements for printing. It can be your company’s IT manager, your production manager or a quality assurance manager. The workshop clarifies what needs to be integrated to create the required labels and documents. After the workshop we have a dialogue about the best workflow to reach the requirements.

We always start a project by outlining the solution, so we can create a complete overview of which systems to extract data from, in order to produce the desired prints. When this preliminary work is done, we prepare a budget for the development and implementation as well as a complete schedule for the project.

What are the requirements to run Tecsys LPS?

The Label Print Server must be installed on a Microsoft SQL server.

Technical description

  • Server-based applications developed in C ++ and C #
  • Windows server 2008+
  • Administration application Windows 7+
  • SQL Server 2008+
  • Design tools: Codesoft 10+, BarTender 10+
  • Data server can operate with primary and secondary databases. Allows automatic switching in case of an SQL Server breakdown
  • Multiple servers allows for load balancing of print jobs

Case stories


Aqua d’or has 100% control of pallet labelling

When Aqua d’or delivers pallets of water bottles, the pallet labels must meet the requirements of the retail trade. The retail trade has high demands on the standardisation of pallet labelling.
Tecsys has developed the labelling system and uses Tecsys Label Print Server to manage the process. The print server communicates with the Print and Apply machines, barcode readers and rail system.

Chaos or correct labelling?

Incorrect labelling in production can mean outrageous expenses. The complexity increases further for Danfoss when labels in Nordborg should be harmonised with those used at the plant in Mexico.

Tecsys has developed the label solution and Tecsys Label Print Server is used to provide an overview of the many labels.