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Central management of labels and documents

Tecsys Label Management Software

Overall, Tecsys LPS (Label Print Server) ensures that a company's labels are of high quality. The solution ensures that labels are enriched with the correct data and the latest graphics files. It makes it easy to replace hazard symbols or trademarks, and enables country-specific or customer-specific labels.

If your company has many different types of printers, Tecsys LPS ensures consistency, regardless of which printer is used. In short, Tecsys Label Management Software is the link between product data and label printers.

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What is Label Management Software?

Label Management Software is an advanced version of the label software you may have tried before. Many of our customers have used BarTender or Codesoft, which we also sell, but have lacked some features and have therefore opted for a more advanced solution.

In short, Label Management Software is a dynamic template catalogue that can print on a wide range of printers with consistent results. You can create labels and reports up to A4 size, and enrich the templates with the information you need to display. The information can consist of graphics files, text and numbers. They can be collected from all digital sources, so the information being printed is always up to date. You can choose to have graphics files on a file server, you can get product data from SAP or another system, and of course you can edit directly in the Tecsys LPS user-friendly interface.

How is Tecsys LPS used?

Once you have all your templates ready in Tecsys LPS, there are several ways you can send the templates for printing. Of course, you can do this directly in the Tecsys LPS interface, but many companies choose to implement the print function in their existing systems to make the workflow as easy as possible. It is possible to print directly from SAP, WMS or other systems. You can also choose to implement the function in the software displayed in a handheld terminal or a truck terminal, so that labels can be ordered directly from the goods receipt.

Labels/documents are printed on the printers implemented in Tecsys LPS, and regardless of the logo on the printer, they are printed consistently. The different templates may have a preference for the choice of printer or print tray if they are to be printed for a specific department or on specific paper.

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Tecsys Label Print Server

Learn about the benefits of central labelling of goods in production. With Tecsys Label Print Server, you can manage all your existing printers from a central location.

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Here we review the most frequently used functions.

How do I get started with Tecsys LPS?

We offer a workshop where our experts participate together with the people who handle the company's label set-up and know the different printing requirements. This could be your company's IT manager, your production manager and/or a quality assurance manager. The workshop will clarify what needs to be integrated to create the desired labels and documents. After the workshop, we will have a dialogue on the best way to achieve the goal. We always start a project by outlining the solution, so together we create a complete picture of which systems need to be fed data from to produce the desired prints. We then draw up a budget for development and implementation and a complete timetable for the project.

What does it take to run Tecsys LPS?

The Label Print Server must be installed on a Microsoft SQL server. We can help with server procurement and installation.

Technical description

  • Server-based applications developed in C++ and C#
  • Windows Server 2016+
  • Windows 10+ administration application
  • SQL Server 2016+
  • Data servers can operate with primary and secondary databases. Enables automatic switchover in case of SQL server crash
  • Multiple servers allow Load Balance of print jobs

Customer references

Chaos or correct labelling?

Incorrect labelling in production costs outrageous sums. The complexity increases further for Danfoss when labels in Nordborg have to be harmonised with those used at the factory in Mexico.

Tecsys has developed the label solution and the Tecsys Label Print Server is used to create an overview of the many labels.

Efficient and flexible solution

Salling Group uses LPS to print signs and shelf fronts in Bilka, Føtex, Netto, Salling and BR.

Tecsys LPS Label Management Software keeps track of signs, labels and printers in the many stores.