Fixed man, fixed day, fixed price

It's hard to get a clear answer on what IT solutions cost. We've put together three great packages, ready to order.

IT service 24/7

Of course, we could tell you here about the fantastic reliable and competent solution we offer. But you can get it elsewhere.

Where we differ is in the service

All our packages have personal support – you can call your IT consultant if you experience any problems. The big package we have included 24/7 support. If your business depends on stable operations, you need support – even at 3am on a Sunday night!

Tecsys has 40 employees, but you will have close contact with your personal IT consultant, who is your permanent contact. He takes responsibility for your solution and works dedicatedly to keep your business IT running optimally.

Get advice

Lasse Lindholm

is ready to help you.

Fixed man, fixed day, fixed price

It must be worthwhile to outsource your company's IT - both in terms of. bottom line and stable operations. We have designed three packages to suit most businesses.

The packages include installation and setup, so everything works and there are no extra costs.

All prices are per user per month and exclude VAT.

If you need the small package but want 24/7 support, for example, we'll work out a quote for you.

Bronze packages
From 200 DKK per user

  • Mail and calendar on all devices
  • OneDrive - file access from the cloud
  • Folder or file level access control (Azure AD)
  • Teams
  • Office packages
  • Security Package (Advanced Threat Protection)
  • Total backup
  • Installation
  • Support weekdays 8-16 (Monday-Friday)

The Silver Package
From 470 DKK per user

  • Everything you get in the Bronze Package, plus:
  • Shared server, for software to be accessed by multiple users, e.g. a CRM system.
  • Support every day 8-16 (Monday to Sunday)

Gold Package
From 650 DKK per user

  • Everything you get in the bronze and silver packages, plus:
  • Shared SQL server, for software with SQL database to be accessed by multiple users
  • Multifactor login via app or SMS
  • 24/7 support (Monday to Sunday around the clock)

Contact Lasse Lindholm at for a package that suits your needs.

Is it hard to choose?

It can be difficult to know whether your software requires a shared server or a shared SQL server. IT cooperation must work without misunderstandings and with full trust. That's why we're happy to advise on your business needs. We start a collaboration with a meeting to hear about your wishes for a package solution.


We take practical responsibility for your IT operations and focus on ensuring that you follow the correct technological developments in relation to the company's vision. The team behind Tecsys Hosting has a comprehensive understanding of economics, business processes and technology trends. We take the lead and show the way with new IT platforms.

Personal service

With Tecsys Hosting, you get personalized service for support and advice on hardware purchases, licenses and technology. You have the direct phone number to the entire IT service group and to your personal IT manager. You call the technical manager directly and get direct service.


We're happy to share our advice and years of experience in IT hosting. We advise on the implementation process from your old platform to the new hosting centre. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry and provide our technical services 24/7, 365 days a year.

Combined hybrid solutions

There are many good IT solutions from Microsoft and other providers. We have an overview of the market offerings and put together industry-specific hybrid solutions so you only pay for the services you need. It can be a combination of hosting, Microsoft 365 and Azure.

Fixed costs

With Tecsys Hosting you have a full overview of the costs. That's why we've developed packages that are transparent and include insta

llation and support, which are often left out of IT prices.

Easy scaling of resources

It's easy to adjust the number of users for Office applications, financial management and the amount of server space. We put together a complete IT infrastructure or sub-elements with: backup, archiving, server capacity, etc. This provides great flexibility and security for the company's operations.

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