StemMedical A/S is a Danish life science company behind world-leading stem cell technology that enables specially certified plastic surgeons to offer Stemform® treatments. These unique treatments use patients’ own fat stem cells for breast and buttock augmentation and are the only method on the market to provide natural and effective results without the use of artificial implants, synthetic materials and visible scars.

The solution consists of:

  • Hosting, operation and licensing of Microsoft 365
  • Purchase, setup and maintenance of Firewall
  • Access to a 24/7 support hotline

StemMedical was offered a free security check by Tecsys Hosting and accepted the offer as the company wants to be at the forefront of IT and security developments.

Tecsys Hosting sent an IT consultant to the site, who found a good level of security in the company. Firewall and email security were in place, and the server structure was also sound. The recommendation was to upgrade the firewall to a more modern standard, but otherwise StemMedical received a ‘pass’ grade.

Over the next few months, new IT tasks kept popping up and suddenly there was an easy solution – Tecsys Hosting was ready to help with big and small things and they were just a phone call away. Today, bottlenecks and wasted time never occur.

Tecsys Hosting has demonstrated a good understanding of the level of IT required by StemMedical. They need IT that works and makes everyday life easier, and existing equipment needs to be kept up to date and patched. So Tecsys Hosting was tasked with upgrading WiFi to a more powerful solution and maintaining Microsoft 365 for all employees. When a new employee starts, Tecsys Hosting delivers a ready PC with the relevant software installed and a ready user profile, so everything from email to file server access is up and running from the first hour.

Peter Selvig, CFO / COO at StemMedical says: “We are pleased to have upgraded our Firewall, so that we continue to be at the forefront of the latest security options. But we’re even happier to have a competent IT partner we can always call when help is needed. Our core competence is stem cell technology and treatments, not IT, but when efficiencies can be made in IT, we should do it because it gives our people more time for research and other things.”