Lindevang accommodation

Lindevang residential care consists of 56 homes for the mentally ill and people with addictions. Lindevang has 85 employees. Staff are always on hand to ensure that residents have as good an everyday life as possible, with opportunities for rehabilitation. Stability and predictability are important parameters in everyday life. IT can create unpredictability. If something is not working, an employee has to spend time solving the problem rather than performing the planned activity. This causes delays in everyday life and uncomfortable residents.

Tecsys makes sure that the IT works for the employees in their daily work at Lindevang, and takes this task very seriously. Lindevang has a full IT service package consisting of network, WiFi, security package with firewall, Citrix, employee PCs with software maintenance, file server and mail. A permanent Tecsys representative is available 16 hours per month and there is also access to a 24/7 support hotline.

From municipal IT service to private IT service
Lindevang has previously been subject to municipal IT services under an operating agreement. However, in 2015 the operating agreement will be terminated – including the associated IT solution. They had 8 months to switch to a new provider. Through their network they had been recommended to speak to Tecsys, which had been described as a competent IT service with pleasant people employed. KMD was also in play, as they know a lot about municipal solutions and were the previous IT supplier. The two offers differed greatly in price, Tecsys costing a third of KMD’s offer. Communication between Tecsys and Lindevang also worked well, so Tecsys was naturally chosen.

“We are extremely happy with the service we receive from Tecsys. They know us and our system, so we don’t have to spend our time on IT. When software updates are needed, they do it for us, so we don’t experience any problems or waiting time. It suits us very well that we can spend our working time making sure the residents are comfortable and as little time as possible on IT.”

Like moving away from home
The process of moving from municipal IT to private IT has been a bit like moving away from home. You’ve been used to someone taking care of the day-to-day IT stuff, without you having any say in it, and suddenly you have to go out and stand on your own two feet.

“There are a lot of new things to consider, which can be nerve-wracking, but on the other hand we can now make all the decisions ourselves, without waiting. It is an advantage to have full decision-making authority and we can get advice from Tecsys. The software we use for the daily documentation, including resident records, is called EG Sensum Bosted, and Tecsys had experience with this from Work Adler, which is also a customer of Tecsys. Therefore, we felt confident that the switch to a new provider would not affect the day-to-day operations of Lindevang’s staff. The transition has gone well and Tecsys has been good at advising us along the way when we needed to decide on new IT.”

The solution consists of:

  • Network
  • WiFi
  • Security package with firewall
  • Citrix
  • Employee PCs with software maintenance, file server and mail.

Tecsys permanent staff 16 hours per month

Access to a 24/7 support hotline