Danish Kennel Club

Most Danish dog owners know about the Danish Kennel Club, at least if you have a dog with a pedigree. It is the place to get information on everything from choosing a dog breed, buying a puppy, overview of dog training, registering for shows, results from shows, etc.

Tecsys Hosting provides hosting, operation and licensing of all infrastructure and member sites for the Danish Kennel Club. That means mail, file server, SQL server, ERP system, MS Office and web hosting. Plus, there’s monitoring on everything with N-central and of course 24/7 support, so uptime is top notch.

Uptime is an important parameter, regardless of industry and type of business, but when there is a dog show, a breakdown means that the results can not be accessed, and that makes red-hot phones at the Danish Kennel Club. Therefore, the club has an extended support solution, with only 5 minutes response time, which can come into effect when, for example, there is an important exhibition.

“The reason we wanted to change hosting service was just frequent crashes with our previous hosting provider. It creates a lot of extra work for us when there is a crash, as our many members get frustrated and call in for answers. We knew Tecsys already, as we had an on-call IT service contract for several years, where we could get IT help as needed. In December 2016, we simply extended the agreement so they took over hosting and running all our IT and we haven’t had any downtime since, so it’s gone beyond expectations.” Says Ulla Hansen, Head of Department at the Danish Kennel Club.

The Danish Kennel Club has about 40 employees, who all had to hold a data flight day. It’s a lot easier than moving furniture, though. Tecsys makes a copy of all data, including mailboxes, so that everything is redundant over a period of time, and then links can be simply corrected so that employees can work as usual, regardless of where the data is hosted.

“We get an incredibly good service from Tecsys, and experience a good understanding of the importance of uptime. Our overall IT running costs have not increased even though we changed hosting provider and it is a great advantage to have both hosting and support in the same place.” Ulla Hansen concludes.

The solution consists of:

  • Hosting, operation and licensing of mail, file server, SQL server,
  • ERP system, MS Office and web hosting
  • Monitoring with N-central
    Access to a 24/7 support hotline