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Tecsys hosts your IT solutions in a secure and professional Danish hosting centre. You get a dedicated partner involved in your solution, whether it's a single server with standard software or 20 servers with databases and specialised applications. You get a tailor-made solution that suits your company's finances and technical specifications. Tecsys is a full service provider of hosting and IT services, so you get a total solution with operation of all your applications and backup of your data.

Contact Tecsys and we'll make sure your existing solution is transferred to a secure platform.

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Exchange server for outlook gives you accessibility to mails wherever you are: in the office, via web access or on mobile devices.

Microsoft Exchange is the most powerful mail server on the market. Tecsys Hosting takes care of security and spam, so you don't have to spend time keeping up with new threats. We back up your emails, calendars and contacts. You get a system with full monitoring, so there are no unpleasant surprises. We provide software updates and maintain the systems. If there are any questions, we have 24/7 support answered by our competent IT consultants.

If the company has an IT manager, you can choose to handle the creation of new users and manage rights yourself. Otherwise, our well-trained IT consultants can take care of that too.

  • Unlimited space for your mailboxes.
  • You can reuse your licenses for Outlook mail.
  • Automatic backup of your emails, calendars and contacts.
  • Sync mail and calendar on mobile devices.
  • We will move the existing users' data to the new centre. You're not going to spend time on it.

File server

With a file server, you have the space you need and everything is automatically backed up. You can work directly from the file server and always have access to your data, both from the office and at home. You choose whether all employees should have access to everything, or you want areas that can only be accessed by certain departments or employees.

File server hosting has many advantages. Everyone in the company can easily share files with each other, accessing an employee's files even if they are on holiday or sick. The data can be integrated into other systems, e.g. ERP, CRM or Sharepoint. You get high security: we monitor operations, update servers and automatically back up everything.

  • Automatic backup of all files
  • Possibility of unlimited space
  • Easy access to data from different locations, users and other applications
  • Operation monitoring so you always have access to your data.


We provide secure storage and backup of your MS SQL database, and maintain user access and licenses. Your database can be linked to a website, an application, e.g. Navision or a service.

The solution can be combined with software applications hosted by you or by Tecsys hosting centre. The database can be managed through SQL Studio, you can develop database objects with .Net, and you have full DBO access to the database.

  • Automatic backup of all files
  • Possibility of unlimited space
  • Easy access to data from different locations, users and other applications
  • Operation monitoring so you always have access to your data.

ERP/Economy system

You will have your ERP/financial system hosted on a stable server with full backup. If you already have a licence, we can reuse it without you having to upgrade to the latest version. We'll move your solution and maintain it with licences for your users. Tecsys hosting handles all types of licenses, features and modules.

We have ERP partners who can provide support for e.g. Dynamics C5 and Navision, if you need this.

  • We reuse your existing licences
  • We offer new functionalities for the existing solution
  • Secure access to your financial system and full backup

Office 365

Office 365 is the classic office suite with Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, plus you get 1TB of space in the Microsoft OneDrive cloud, so you and your colleagues can easily access and share files wherever you are.

With Office 365, you also get access to video meetings, chat and screen sharing. In addition, each user gets 1 hour of free Skype voice calls, domestic and international. Then all office users of Office 365 can take advantage of the many possibilities to communicate seamlessly.

Tecsys will set up and move your data, so you'll be up and running in no time.

  • A fixed price per user per month
  • Employees always have the latest applications
  • Hold a video conference in your company and use Lync Online for communication

Remote access/Citrix

A Citrix/terminal server gives you access to all your applications and data wherever you are. You can log in from a browser or via an icon on your computer desktop, making it easy to work from home or connect from abroad. Basically, you access your applications and data on a server that is in the Tecsys Hosting Center.

In a Citrix/terminal server solution, all company employees work from the server. There are no traditional applications on employees' PCs. All applications are located on the server. Using an icon on the desktop, the employee connects to the central server. The application opens and the user's desktop appears. A terminal server solution is very secure. Applications cannot be installed on the server without permission. Maintenance of new applications is done centrally from the terminal server.

  • Very secure solution
  • Central management of all applications
  • Easy maintenance and low PC requirements


Tecsys hosting also provides server solutions that cannot be produced on an assembly line. All custom-hosted solutions are tailored to our customers' needs and range from a dedicated server to larger server clusters and cloud computing with unlimited capacities. We take care of operating and servicing the solution, so that security is at its best.

Tecsys is more than a hosting centre. We have a large software department and understand software development, special applications and running different servers with many special applications.

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