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Zebra printers

Tecsys is a Premier Solution Partner of Zebra.

This is the highest partner level awarded and means we can get great discounts on Zebra products and our sales staff are kept up to date with Zebra printer knowledge. You can therefore call us for advice on choosing a printer model.

Zebra has been providing high-quality printers since 1982, and today offers printers for most purposes - from small mobile printers to large industrial print engines. All run with stable performance and good print quality. On this page you can read about the current offers and what services are included when you buy a Zebra printer.

We are specialists in barcode and label printers, and have extensive experience with software to streamline your printing tasks. See our software for label printers.

If you're not sure what to choose, we always recommend that you call us to discuss your situation and get some guidance.

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Product test Zebra ZD420

See our product review of the ZD420 printer from Zebra. We insert the labels and ribbon cartridge and show the print speed.

Product demo Zebra GX420

Watch our short product demo of the GX420 printer from Zebra.

Zebra desktop printers

Zebra's small desktop printers are used for the simple printing tasks of labels, receipts, wristbands or tags.

ZD200: 4" printer at an affordable price.
ZD411: Simple 2" printer that's easy to use.
: Very popular compact 4" printer that prints up to 2,500 labels per day.
ZD510-HC: Wristband printer for hospitals.
ZD611: 2" printer with advanced printing capabilities.
ZD621: The most advanced desktop printer from Zebra. Available in a wide range of variants, it covers most needs.

If you're not sure what to choose, give us a call so we can guide you.

Zebra industrial printers

Industrial printers are fast and highly robust label printers that deliver unmatched print speed and reliability. Used for printing needs of over a thousand labels per day. In our webshop you can see which print size and dpi each model offers.

ZT111: Budget printer that delivers reliable label printing.
ZT230: A good price for an efficient printer. You'll be up and running in no time with these printers that support most needs. Has a user-friendly 4.3" touch screen.
ZT400 / ZT400 RFID: A robust range of printers. High print speed. Can print RFID tags. Can be used in healthcare.
ZT510: A very robust print engine that delivers stable prints day after day.
ZT600/ZT600RFID/ZT610/ZT620: The largest of Zebra's print engines. Very robust and fast. Available in RFID, 300 dpi or 600 dpi variants.

If you're not sure what to choose, call us for advice

Mobile label printers

Mobile label printers are printers that you take with you.

ZQ300: Can print in two print widths. The battery can handle a full day's work before needing to be recharged. Optimal for receipts, but can also print labels.
ZQ500: A more rugged printer that can withstand a harsh environment. Can be used with gloves. Optimal for receipts, can also print labels and there is a variant for printing RFID tags.
ZQ600: Many applications in this small screen printer. Also available as RFID printer. Many accessories can be purchased, e.g. for truck mounting.

We have a large selection of mobile label printers! If you're not sure what to choose, call us for advice.

Zebra card printers

The card printers make sure to print nice ID cards, access cards, credit cards and membership cards.

ZC100: A compact card printer that's easy to use.
ZC300: Big brother to the ZC100, equally compact with slightly more advanced features.
ZXP Series 7: Produces photo-quality cards. Prints and laminates cards, including RFID cards.
ZXP Series 9: Produces cards with detailed graphics. Long-lasting edge-to-edge short print.

If you're not sure what to choose, call us for advice.

Zebra Print DNA

Zebra has developed software you can use freely to optimise your prints. These are stand-alone packages, each of which can optimise the work of print workers, operations managers or the IT department that troubleshoots or develops printer software. Do you want to be able to print directly from your ERP system, monitor all printers for optimal performance and have remote access to troubleshoot and correct any problems? Then contact us for help getting started using Zebra's free software.

Label Print Server

See why a Label Print Server solution is a good idea if your business needs central control of multiple label designs.