Pick by Voice

We distribute Vocollect equipment and spare parts from Honeywell

Voice picking equipment for voice controlled picking

A voice solution for picking can bring big improvements in productivity and fewer picking errors. The savings are so large that the investment is paid back in a very short time.

With both hands free to pick the goods, your warehouse staff can operate much more efficiently while experiencing improved workflows.

In this section you will find our Vocollect equipment from Honeywell, our preferred voice partner. We can of course also provide software for a Pick by voice solution.

As one of the few Vocollect partners in Denmark, we have certified technicians who offer support for your Voice equipment. Even if the software is purchased from another supplier.

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Vocollect headset

The Vocollect headset from Honeywell, with built-in microphone, features noise cancellation that reduces background noise by 50% to ensure good voice recognition and increase productivity. Your employees get an adjustable headset that ensures comfort throughout the working day.

The batteries last for between 10 and 20 hours of operation, depending on how cool the warehouse is where they are to be used.

You can choose between wired or wireless headsets and different designs, depending on noise reduction and work helmet needs.

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Vocollect SRX3 wireless headset.

Vocollect A700x Talkman.

Vocollect A700x series

Vocollect talkman is connected to your Vocollect headset via Bluetooth or cable. A Talkman is a mini-computer connected to your Voice solution via a wireless network.

The A700x also has a built-in scanner, so your employees can easily scan goods or pallet labels when needed.

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Spare parts and support

Over time, all hardware may need to replace a battery, microphone or other parts to function optimally. It's much cheaper than replacing all the equipment and also more environmentally friendly. At Tecsys we have several technicians certified to perform support of your Vocollect equipment. If the equipment needs to be repaired, simply send it to us. We'll send you a repair quote and make sure the equipment comes back to you configured and ready to use.

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