Vehicle mount computers

Rugged mobile computers designed to the work in a warehouse.

Vehicle mount computers

Vehicle mount computers are typically mounted on several different types of forklifts or trucks, but the computer can also be used as a mounted computer for example in the transit area or in the production.

Vehicle mount computers have built in touch screens and radio network. Some vehicle mount computers are equipped with Smart Dock, which enables you to click the computer out of its base and move it to a different location.

The size of the screen varies from 8” to 15” and you can choose from Android OS or Windows operating systems.

If you have any doubts or uncertainties on which one best fits your work, we recommend you to call us and have a chat about your situation, so that we can guide you.

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Vehicle mount computers from Zebra

Designed for warehouse, cold chain and yard environments, Zebra has a range of ultra-rugged vehicle-mounted computers. They’re made to be mounted on material handling equipment and to withstand extreme temperatures, shock and vibration to maintain operational continuity.

We recommend you to call us and have a chat about your situation, so that we can guide you.

Vehicle mount computers from ADS-TEC

ADS-TEC is a German supplier that produce vehicle computers in high quality, but at prices below the rest of the market. We have good experiences with their products and services.

Ads-tec truckterminal

Vehicle mount computers from Honeywell

With diverse options in size and function, including features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® wireless technology, Honeywell Voice solutions, and RFID, there’s a Honeywell vehicle-mounted computer optimized for any material handling workflow.

We recommend you to call us and have a chat about your situation, so that we can guide you.


Customer case – Furnipart

Furnipart has gone through an optimization of the picking process. For this purpose, they needed to buy vehicle mounted computers, but they had a limited budget. Therefore, they chose the ADS-TEC vehicle mounted computers which are affordable, but still of very good quality.


You can view data from your ERP system directly onto a vehicle mount computer. There are various standard methods for the integration of data. We have experience of integrating SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Lawson and IBM with hardware.

Integration of mobile label printer

If your truck operator also label goods or shipments, the task could be done more efficient with a mobile label printer. The small mobile printers can be worn on a belt and labels can be ordered directly from the vehicle mount computer. This minimizes wasted time and the employees can work more flexibly and efficiently.

Integration of barcode scanners

Many choose to integrate a barcode scanner with their vehicle mount computers. This can be done by Bluetooth and it gives the employees a flexible work environment. There are many barcode scanners to choose from and you do not need to buy the same brand as the vehicle computer. Eg. an ADS-TEC vehicle mount computer is able to be paired with a barcode scanner from Honeywell.

Watch a clip about the SF61, a handy wireless barcode scanner from Honeywell.

Mobile Device Management

With Mobile Device Management, you can gain access from the office to take control of a mobile computer, enabling you to help an employee with a problem. You can also update software on all computers centrally, so that you do not risk that any individual computer is missing an update.

SOTI MobiControl is the most comprehensive Mobile Device Management tool available on the market with a wide range of valuable features.

Tecsys is an authorized SOTI-provider with several certified technicians and has achieved great experience from several large customer projects.