Vehicle mounted computer

Rugged mobile PCs made for working in a warehouse.

Vehicle mounted computer

Typically mounted on various types of forklifts or in trucks, the terminals can also be used as hard-mounted PCs in, for example, the shipping area or in production.

Truck terminals have built-in touch screen and radio network. Some truck terminals are equipped with a 'Smart dock', which means you can click the terminal out of the holder and use it on the floor or move it to another truck.

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We have a wide range of truck terminals for many different needs from ADS-TEC, Honeywell and Zebra.

The screen size varies from 8″ to 15″, and you can typically choose between Android or a range of Windows operating systems: Windows CE 6.0, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Embedded 8.

Call for guidance on which model suits your needs.

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Honeywell VM3 truck terminal

The VM3 is a very robust truck terminal that covers most needs.

Watch the video where we show the smartdock system and tell you more about the truck terminal.

Mobile label printer integration

If your forklift employees also label goods or shipments, a mobile label printer can make the job more efficient. The small mobile printers can be worn on a belt and labels can be ordered directly from the truck terminal. This minimises wasted time and allows employees to work flexibly and efficiently.

Barcode scanner integration

Many choose to integrate a barcode scanner with their truck terminal. It can be done via bluetooth and gives your employees a flexible working environment. There are many barcode scanners to choose from, and you don't have to buy the same brand as your truck terminal. Thus, an Ads-tec truck terminal can be well paired with a Honeywell barcode scanner.

Watch a film about the SF61, a handy wireless barcode scanner from Honeywell.

Customer case: Furnipart

Furnipart has been through an optimization of the picking process. For this purpose, they needed to purchase truck terminals, but had a limited budget allocated. Therefore, the choice fell on ads-tec truck terminals, which are affordable, but still good quality.

ERP integration

You can view data from your ERP system directly on a truck terminal. There are different standard methods to integrate the data. Learn how SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Lawson and IBM integrate with hardware.

Mobile Device Management

With Mobile Device Management, you can access the control of the truck terminal from the office to help employees with a problem. You can also update software on all terminals centrally, so you don't risk individual terminals missing an update.

SOTI MobiControl is the most comprehensive Mobile device management tool available on the market, with a wide range of valuable features.

Tecsys is an authorized SOTI reseller, has several certified technicians and has gained experience from several large customer projects.